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  1. I have a Maxxair Deluxe Vent part# MA00-05100K. It's a 10 speed, manual lift, white, non-remote fan. It was mounted on a 2018 Ford TC. For sale or trade. Will send pics if interested. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  2. I'm planning to add a second battery (which will be an agm) to my TC. Does the 2018 base LWB TC have a smart, variable voltage alternator? If it's not a smart alternator I'll used a Keyline VSR isolator. If it is I'll look into a dc to dc charger.
  3. I thinking of replacing my stock TC battery with a  Duracell Group 48 (H6) AGM battery to power my 12v compressor fridge and Maxx fan when camping. How long can you run your fridge before you need to run the vehicle to recharge the battery?

  4. On your Pioneer radio do notice screen wash out because of the tilt the radio has to be installed? I'm looking at a Pioneer MVH2400NEX to replace my stock radio. Just wanted to know if I should be looking for a adjustable screen for the replacement.