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  1. I have a base 2013 TC, and I need to know the best place to tap the following wires: parking brake reverse/backup lamp Vehicle speed sensor pulse if anyone has pictures or even a wiring diagram, that would be great! Thanks in advance!
  2. wb6vpm

    I hate drum brakes!

    Also, discovered why the e-brake (and rear brakes in general) stopped working a bit after I got done working on them, the self-adjuster failed. Appears to have been a manufacturing defect...
  3. wb6vpm

    I hate drum brakes!

    Hopefully not, but I'm only at ~71K, so (assuming van doesn't fall apart, or company gets tired of doing maintenance/repairs on the van) we'll see...
  4. wb6vpm

    I hate drum brakes!

    If only, unfortunately, gonna pull the tires back off this evening and see what happened...
  5. Had to do the rear brakes on the companies 2013 Transit Connect last night... What a disaster! Why couldn't Ford just use normal spring pins instead of making me fight to get all of the springs connected between the shoes?!?! Granted, bad lighting in my garage probably didn't help 😄. I discovered this morning that I need to pull the tires back off and readjust them, I thought I had gotten them adjusted properly until I pulled the e-brake, LOL! (either that or one of the cables came off).
  6. wb6vpm

    Hi from Riverside CA area!

    Hi from the Riverside area!