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  1. Looks good. Just make sure of the width of the seat. Without looking at my TC, I think the width had to be less than 50". Yes my tech skill grade is just above zero.
  2. I found a third roll seat out of a older Chevy Suburban with the seat belts integrated into the seat. Angles were made to mount the front and back of the seat. I used the cargo hooks mounting holes to attach the back of the seat to the floor. The feet at the front of the seat align with threaded holes in the cargo floor. The false floor was removed. A cover was fab with a couple of access doors. The front mounting angles are easy to fab. The back mounting a little more complicated.
  3. collinjx

    2014 Transit Connect With Continual Rear End Clunk

    I can't give you a fix but I can relay a similar problem I had with my 2014 C-Max. The C-max had a clunking noise coming from the RH front when going over a bump. The car was still under warranty so it went back to the dealer. After more then a week trying to find the cause of the noise the dealer replaced the RH control arm . Clunking noise was gone. Just so happens when replacing the control arm the recall for the door lock latches was also done. Year and a half later the clunking started on the LH side. Not as loud as the RH before it was repaired but sounded the same. The car is now out of warranty. Should I have it fix or live with it. My fix was to turn up the radio. My LH front exterior door handle wouldn't unlatch to open the door on occasion. This started to happen around six months after the control arm was replaced. Last fall I had enough of the door handle not unlatching. With YouTube's help I disassemble the handle and found the mechanic didn't install the handle completely. He didn't replace one fastener. After replacing the fastener and the handle worked every time. Now the neat part. With the handle be a little loose (you couldn't tell by pulling it) it was causing a vibration in the door that that sounded the same as the clunking control arm. Long story short, the noise may not be coming from where you think. Hope you find the cause.
  4. collinjx

    Turn on all interior lights (2016)

    My TC must be a bear bones model. I couldn't find a wire behind the door panel that would change voltage when the door opens. So I went a different direction. I soldered a 18 gauge wire to the dome light negative plate and tap a 6-32 threaded hole in the positive plate on the back of the dome light. I ran wiring back to the LED light bar that I installed in the cargo area. Now the dome and cargo lights work off the dome light off/auto/on switch. A switch on the door panel would had been easier to turn on the interior light. But modifying the dome light looked to be my only option. dome light
  5. collinjx

    Turn on all interior lights (2016)

    I'm going to give it a shoot. Thanks.
  6. collinjx

    Turn on all interior lights (2016)

    Yes mine is a base trim. Without a wiring diagram I'm guessing how the module and door light switch works. I may try to figure out a way to use the standard dome light.
  7. collinjx

    Turn on all interior lights (2016)

    Thanks for the info. You weren't kidding about the door panel being a bear to remove. I was lucky not to destroy any mounting clips. My 2018 TC has two more bolts holding the panel on. One close to the door latch behind a cover plate and one at the bottom of the panel. The only wires behind my panel was going to three plugs. One plug going to the power window switches, a plug going to the lock/unlock switch, and the third a two wire plug going to I guest the module. I'll post pics of the component tomorrow. I replaced the panel before taking any pictures. As you can tell I'm not very tech savvy.
  8. collinjx

    Turn on all interior lights (2016)

    Thanks for the pic. But where is the son of a gun located.
  9. I have a Maxxair Deluxe Vent part# MA00-05100K. It's a 10 speed, manual lift, white, non-remote fan. It was mounted on a 2018 Ford TC. For sale or trade. Will send pics if interested. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  10. I'm planning to add a second battery (which will be an agm) to my TC. Does the 2018 base LWB TC have a smart, variable voltage alternator? If it's not a smart alternator I'll used a Keyline VSR isolator. If it is I'll look into a dc to dc charger.
  11. I thinking of replacing my stock TC battery with a  Duracell Group 48 (H6) AGM battery to power my 12v compressor fridge and Maxx fan when camping. How long can you run your fridge before you need to run the vehicle to recharge the battery?

  12. On your Pioneer radio do notice screen wash out because of the tilt the radio has to be installed? I'm looking at a Pioneer MVH2400NEX to replace my stock radio. Just wanted to know if I should be looking for a adjustable screen for the replacement.