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  1. BlaineBug

    2014 Transit Connect With Continual Rear End Clunk

    You know that could be it too, I suppose that would offer a noise similar to an anti-sway bar that was loose. I recall taking a look at the rear control arm bushings and not seeing anything obvious but I never checked the bolts to check their torque. I will be sure to do that. Like I said this van has NO rear anti-sway bar.
  2. BlaineBug

    2014 Transit Connect With Continual Rear End Clunk

    Thanks. I'll let you know when we investigate further this spring.
  3. BlaineBug

    2014 Transit Connect With Continual Rear End Clunk

    This spring we will be looking in to it more again. I can't imagine that cable against the steel wheel of the spare to make such a racket. It sounds like the tailgate to me but I can't imagine exactly what is causing the problem. Hinges or latch would probably produce the majority of the noise that would be similar to the sound of a loose anti-sway bar joint. But everything was tight......maybe I need to loosen all of the attachment points and then re-torque again.
  4. BlaineBug

    2014 Transit Connect With Continual Rear End Clunk

    It's a 5 passenger van. 60/40 rear bench with two front buckets. It is definitely not the seats. Folded forward or secured in normal fashion there's no difference. Also I highly doubt it's the safety cable for the spare tire. The sound is far too loud to be the cable slapping against the rubber tire.
  5. BlaineBug

    2014 Transit Connect With Continual Rear End Clunk

    Well, now email notifications are working. Nonetheless, I've lowered the spare tire all of the way down, unhooked it, checked everything. Removed the jack and all of its accessories in the driver's rear quarter panel. Nothing is loose in there. It definitely does "sound" as though it is tailgate related, but last summer when we were all together with two rear passengers, the passenger on the driver's side second row said they felt as though it was coming from beneath them or in that general area. Not only does the clunk sound reminiscent of a loose or worn anti-sway bar joint, it also sounds like a loose door latch. However, the tailgate's wiper motor and latching mechanism are all secure. The tailgate hinges are tight. And we have been through the tailgate multiple times for one reason or another. Two rear window replacements by Safelite, the tailgate handle/fascia that holds the rear view camera broke off as well, and then removing the interior plastic panel on at least two or three other occasions to have a renewed peek inside. The only thing I haven't done yet are to remove the tailgate's gas struts and try it like that for a test drive. Since it's not my vehicle I don't often have access to it.
  6. BlaineBug

    2014 Transit Connect With Continual Rear End Clunk

    Hi everyone and I apologize for my 2+ month delay to response. This forum's email notification system apparently does not work so I had no idea that there were not any responses. This clunk does sound somewhat reminiscent of what an anti-sway bar that is worn out or loose would sound like and was one of the first things I attempted to check - but I found that this van does not have a rear anti-sway bar. We have also taken the tailgate apart three times to look inside. The first time was to replace the tailgate handle/decorative fascia piece when it snapped off. We removed the interior plastic panel on two other occasions attempting to track down anything loose within and can't find anything. I DID find that the interior and exterior sheet metal are glued together from the factory and were separating. I thought that this might be causing the noise so I added some torn up rags to act as an isolation buffer between the two halves where the glue had come loose, which did not change anything audibly. I've also jiggled the tailgate when it is both open AND closed and nothing that I have heard sounds anything like the noise inside when you are driving. We have not driven it with the tailgate open, though. Is it possible one of the rear shocks would be making this sound internally? All of the rear shock bushings are in good shape, though, so the sound would have to be internal to the shock. Which I have not experienced before. As far as the rear window shattering twice, one of the men at Safelite glass said that he heard something about some Fords including the F150 trucks having an issue where the rear defroster never turns off once you turn it on, even though the light on the dashboard will turn off. My Father says that the two times the window has shattered, he had used the rear window defroster recently. Since the last glass breakage he now refuses to use the rear glass defroster, and it hasn't shattered again. Don't forget, he also had another 2013 Transit Connect that had one of the rear glass windows shatter while he was driving down the road. The 2013 model had the dual swing out rear doors so it had two smaller pieces of glass, versus his 2014 that has one big piece of glass instead. Both of his vans, the 2013 and 2014, were the passenger vans with seating for 5 and windows all around. The 2013 was totaled when it was rear-ended in November of 2017.
  7. My Father has a 2014 Transit Connect that has the most annoying, non-stop clunking coming from the rear end. What has been done? The tailgate glass has been replaced twice from spontaneously shattering while parked in his driveway on two separate occasions now. What have I inspected? I have checked the jack's mounting location. I have lowered the spare tire and checked to make sure that it is secure. I have disassembled the tail gate twice now to check for a loose lock actuator or windshield wiper motor. I have inspected the rear end, bushings, springs, shocks, brakes, etc. I can't find the source of the clunking but yet the clunking continues! Has ANYONE experienced anything similar? I've searched quite a bit and come up with nothing in regards to this issue. In my opinion it does sound like something is clunking within the body, although it is hard to say for sure. There is nothing suspect and the van does have less than 60,000 miles presently. This clunk has been ongoing for probably over a year now as well. Just decided to post about it because I can't find the source and am at my wit's ends.