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  1. Dogbert62

    Automatic -> manual.. Has anyone considered it?

    Awesome.. I have a second gen connect but it looks doable thanks for the link!! regards Dogbert62
  2. All, I miss manual transmissions... I am guessing all of the infrastructure is in place to swap the transmission from automatic to manual.. given the concerns regarding the longevity of the automatic, I thought I’d consider a manual if my tranny goes south... Thoughts? Dogbert62
  3. Dogbert62

    What is this bag of... absorbent?

    I hit a very little deer on the drivers side 5 months ago which required minimal body work. Mostly plastic wheel well replacement stuff. They replaced the white sound deadening wrap and likely didn’t replace this bag since it wasn’t damaged.. My guess is that the sticky tape on the bag wouldn’t hold it in place and it worked it’s way to a point where the oil guy removed it for some reason and put it on the valve cover for the other oil guy to mention... when I went back a week later, I talked to a third guy that had no knowledge... the guys that worked on the van were not there. I was fairly sure it was an oil absorbent bag and thought it unlikely that it belonged to the van... thanks again for the help... once Don identified the bag, I went to check an sure enough, I saw the bag in the wheel well on the passenger side but not the drivers side. Dogbert62
  4. Dogbert62

    What is this bag of... absorbent?

  5. All, 2017 Transit Connect XLT wagon with 2.5 gas engine i had my oil changed by the local quick lube shop the other day.. in their “up sell” comments, they suggested replacing the air filter.. instead of paying 3x the price for them to do it, I went and did it myself... when I opened the hood, I found this bag of... foam?.... Absorbent?... on top of the engine... my first thought was that it was absorbent for small spills when the top off the oil during a change.. however, the quick lube shop didn’t recognize it.. So, I assume it was inside the engine compartment somewhere... Any Ideas?? it is a black plastic bag with a silver adhesive strip down the middle.. it is filled with what feels almost like foam shipping peanuts... any help would be appreciated.... Dogbert62
  6. All, one of mine was barely hanging on so I removed it... saw this thread and was about to buy the goo when I thought it might make sense to see if I hear wind noise.. I do not hear wind noise from the front drivers seat at 65mph.. wondering others are having trouble hearing wind noise... wondering if I need to be in the back seat to hear it... wondering if I need to be north of 65mph Thoughts. Dogbert62
  7. Dogbert62

    Fuel Mileage

    All, yeah.. I was tempted to hit the gas pedal but was more interested in MPG... this does beg a couple more questions has anyone tried to correlate measured MPG to the dashboard average MPG? I assume it is somewhat tough without knowing the sampling rate and total miles in the average.. does anyone one know if there is a sweet spot for freeway MPG vs speed? Or has anyone maxed MPG to speed my guess is that it is fairly linear but if I get 27mpg at 60 and 12mpg at 75... I would tend to drive like a geezer... Dogbert62
  8. Dogbert62

    Fuel Mileage

    All, 2017 TC wagon LWB w/2.5 I have tracked via on-board so it is at least relative... I generally stay at 22.5 mpg with mostly in town driving.. when I have taken it out for short road trips, I can gat up to 24.2.. took the TC on an extended road trip from Austin to Estes Park.. started at ~22.5... likely 24.5 when I hit the NM-CO boarder averaging 75mph on the open road.. hit Estes park at 25.1.. on the way home it climbed to 26.5 about the time I hit the NM-TX boarder with a 75mph speed on the open road.. it dropped to 25.8 when I pulled to my driveway in Austin... I pushed the speed up to 77-78mph and had a 25mph headwind.. the van was packed with my wife and I along with a couple light suitcases.. A/C was on Thoughts... —i am at least happy that the van got close to the 27mpg spec.. — wonder how many miles and how often the van is sampled for the on-board system — wonder if the ethanol percentages where different in CO than in Tx and NM causing some of the drop..... the drop did line up a bit with the last tank fill up CO... next time I will do a true mpg analysis and not rely on the van computer Regards Dogbert62
  9. I like the Steelie ball solution... dogbert62
  10. Suction cup based cradles often release in the TX heat... Cup holder based cradles lose the use of at least one cup holder... I want my coffee and my wife wants her soda... Air vent based cradles would require a USB cable that will get in the way of the brake/cup holder area... permanent mounting a cradle is not my style... throwing the connected phone works as long as I don’t have a passenger... this is solution is... reversible without permanent damage and stealthy with a managed USB cord while allowing full use of the passenger seat and cup holders Dogbert62
  11. All, As an Android Auto fanatic, I have been trying to determine where to put the phone when plugged into USB... putting it into the storage bin didn’t work... using the cup holders was a bit of a waste... I found the answer... at least for me... Between the emergency brake and cup holder there is a seam in the plastic. I took an used gift card an pushed it into the seam. This creates a narrow slot that doesn’t next to the cup holders The gift card went it a bit tough but I tested my idea with a thinner card first.. regards Dogbert62
  12. At the end of the day, the van is working as intended; picking up my granddaughter from preschool everyday, and hauling all of my grandkids on Grandpa days. No need for compensation for lost time or money... it wouldn’t change anything... With that said, Ford has badly failed to earn my future business... regards Patrick
  13. No out of pocket expenses..However, I was without the van for 3 weeks the first time and 5 weeks the second (and 150 miles out of town) Dogbert
  14. I now have 5k miles on the rig since the fix.. No issues.. I am finally trusting the van more.. Dogbert
  15. Yep.... This started with the last Sync 3 3.0 firmware... It also happens if you have a usb stick with music; when you turn off the car, it defaults to the last Am/FM station you had on... If you turn off the radio before turning off the engine, it will remember your last XM station... For me..... I am waiting for a Sync 3 update to fix this.. BTW.... Does your sync 3 NOT go into night mode when you start your car in the dark? There are not many TCs with Sync 3 so I thought I'd ask... My garage is dark enough that the auto headlamp light goes on but often the sync 3 doesnt. If i turn the headlamp knob from auto, to on, and back to auto, it goes into night mode. Regards Dogbert62