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  1. Thx, zalienz. The temp setting is good info. I'll try that today. Do you have nav and is it dated 1-15 like mine? Thx for your input Don. I'm using a Garmin gps on the dash as the maps are updated several times a year.
  2. Thx, Dogbert62. The Sirius selection didn't do this at first. Itook it to dealer for 3year old map software and got it back with the station hopping problem. They can't fix it. Maps are almost 4 years old now and no updates in sight. I would not buy another Ford because of these frustrating problems. A/C always has recirculation on. I have to manually turn it to fresh air every time. Dealer says that's normal. The power point is hot all the time so my dashcam has to be unplugged every time I drive.
  3. I listen to Sirius mostly and everytime I start the van it is on a different station, usually fm and sometimes am. It never is on the last Sirius station I was tuned to. Ever experienced this problem?