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Sync 3 with Sirius station hopping problem

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I listen to Sirius mostly and everytime I start the  van it is on a different station, usually fm and sometimes am. It never is on the last Sirius  station I was tuned to. Ever experienced this problem?

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Yep....  This started with the last Sync 3 3.0 firmware...  It also happens if you have a usb stick with music; when you turn off the car, it defaults to the last Am/FM station you had on...  If you turn off the radio before turning off the engine, it will remember your last XM station...  For me.....  I am waiting for a Sync 3 update to fix this..


BTW....  Does your sync 3 NOT go into night mode when you start your car in the dark?  There are not many TCs with Sync 3 so I thought I'd ask...

My garage is dark enough that the auto headlamp light goes on but often the sync 3 doesnt.  If i turn the headlamp knob from auto, to on, and back to auto, it goes into night mode.  




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