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  1. Fifty150

    Citroën Berlingo

    With any luck, Nissan will exit the US market, like Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Datsun, Peugeot, etc. Then we won't have to see those Cubes anymore. Same way we no longer have to see Mercury versions of Ford.
  2. More fun for Customs and Border Protection agents.
  3. Fifty150

    Introduction - 2018/31k

    Come on. You don't want to show that used paint job to your clients. Makes a bad impression. I get a new paint job every time I have a hot date. It sends a message. I care enough to take a shower, wear clean underwear, and paint the car.
  4. Fifty150

    Modify or Replace Driver's Seat?

    All my ex's live in Texas.
  5. Fifty150

    Introduction - 2018/31k

    Nice jacket. It matches your van. I'm all for "over maintenance". Treat the car like it didn't come with a service history. Clean the MAF sensor and throttle body while you are changing the air filter. Change the spark plugs and COPs. Change all the fluids. Coolant. Brake. Oil. Top off the A/C refrigerant. New tires and brakes. Install new wiper blades. Paint the van. Hang a little tree.
  6. Fifty150

    rough idle

    Try a new air filter and clean the MAF sensor.
  7. Fifty150

    2014 TC VAN - observations

    I like those. I have 1 in my truck. Idle drops and vehicle is "warmed up" by 90℉
  8. Monitor the temperature and engine RPM. If your coolant temp is near 100℉ as the idle reduced, you are fine. Mine is fast also. Everbody‘s idle drops from 1200 RPM to 800 RPM quickly. It's how the car was engineered.
  9. Fifty150

    Modify or Replace Driver's Seat?

    I don't use the speedometer. Just follow and maintain the flow of traffic. Don't pass any cops. Stay in your lane.
  10. Fifty150

    Modify or Replace Driver's Seat?

    Those bolts are the correct thread? Did you order the 2" or 3" diameter? Kind of interesting. A Jeep body lift on your driver seat.
  11. Fifty150

    2014 TC Headliner Removal

    You should film it. I want to see a video of what you had to do.
  12. Fifty150

    My project van

    Cops have those on their cars too. Just keeping the playing field level. You should add a siren. That will move slow drivers. Or they may freeze up and stop in front of you. As anyone with a siren will tell you: instead of pulling to the right and letting you pass, the dummies stop in the middle of the road and block off your path.
  13. Fifty150

    Output to external Amplifier

    I got something like that. Works great. Problems solved, for under $20.
  14. Who knows. That could be anything, or nothing. I don't think commercial van buyers will go for a station wagon with a hatchback door and low roofline. You won't be able to load pallets with a forklift.
  15. It has worked well for me in rain, on paved roads. But I only drive on city streets.
  16. Fifty150

    2013/gen1 TPMS issue

    As I searched for wheels, the OEM steel wheels are expensive. New or used. Even salvage yards selling on eBay want a lot of money to offset the cost of "free" shipping. There are aftermarket steel wheels, which when I checked carefully, the dimensions are not exact to the factory wheel. I found 1 style of aftermarket wheel with exact same dimensions. Not a big deal if you replace all 5 wheels with new wheels. You may not want to drive around with mismatched wheels and tires. But since you are buying used tires, you probably will not be buying new wheels. And you probably aren't interested in spending more on wheels than the tires cost.
  17. Fifty150

    Alan happy

    You should have a warranty
  18. The over head shelf hides it so well that you can't read the display. You could replace the OEM radio with a single DIN unit, and mount your 2way radio under it. I would just mount it in the middle of the dash on top of that piece which pulls off on top.
  19. Fifty150

    2013 Transit Connect High Rpms

    It sounds like the transmission downshifted, as if you were passing another vehicle. Then it stays in a lower gear, instead of shifting back to overdrive.
  20. Fifty150

    2013/gen1 TPMS issue

    You might get a line of people at your shop. What's the address?
  21. I love being able to do that. My favorite feature.
  22. Fifty150

    2016 Driver's Foot Rest

    Your plan A should be to buy the correct floor mats.
  23. Fifty150

    Rough Ride

    I have a set of Frogg Toggs which I could wear over my leather. Military makes pretty good fleece base layers for cold weather, which you can buy at surplus stores. Eddie Bauer has a down filled, pullover, hoodie which I wear with a wool Pendleton, under the leather. A few times, I have worn a military N-3B snorkel parka over the leather. I like insulated and flannel lined pants. A lot of good options in store and online. Leather chaps are extremely effective.