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  1. What kind of interior bar do u use?

  2. Just an update on my post on this subject. The seal obviously worked on my leaking problem and at 71800 miles the trans is still soft going from 2 to 3 but it doesn't seem any worse.
  3. We are misunderstanding. My current TC IS a 2014 with the 2.5L engine. My last one was a 2010 with the 2.0L engine. My 2014 will blow the doors off of a Gen 1 and gets better MPG's.
  4. ncranchero

    Grille guard/brush guard or bull bar?

    Will do. Need to find a UK TC site and ask.
  5. Geez! It's been a long two weeks! I got it on AUGUST 8 not October.... I got my 2010 in October. Yes, it's 95% highway driving but I only work 3 days a week. I'll average 1,000 a week. That ciphers out 'bout right. Johnnyguy, the in-car MPG calculator averages around 27 and I drive it like I stole it! I can "grandmaw" it and it'll max out at 31 but that's not a tank full average. I can't baby it that long! (singing " I can't drive 55") That's about 200-250 miles. Thanks bx77! It's hard to keep clean but it sure looks good when it is. Autobell has a $24.95 a month unlimited exterior was and hand dry that I'm seriously considering for the winter months. I washed it this afternoon, 45 degrees and dried it by a blast up the highway! That $24.95 is sounding better and better!
  6. I want a wrap-around grille guard. We sell Setina police push bars/grille guards but they don't make them for the '14 TC. Aries made them for the Gen 1 TC's but their dealers say no to the '14. Anyone anywhere seen one? I've already had a truck musflap and a recap tread fly up into the front end. The flap knocked the bumper cover loose and the tread impacted the cover also and broke a fog light. I do not want to see what a deer does to it!!!
  7. ncranchero

    Heavy fuel smell in van upon fill up

    Likewise. When the nozzle clicks off, out it comes. No smell.
  8. I got it mid-October It has 17316 miles Leaking from left axle seal, 1 QT low on fluid, polished axle shaft and replaced seal. Still shifts just like it did when I took it in, notes say shift problem non-existant. When I went to pick it up I waited 15-20 minutes for "my" "Service Advisor" to come to the write-up area. He was paged 3 times and I was left standing there......So I went to the check-out window, they retrieved my van and I left. ill be back.........
  9. Can someone scan and post the fuel line recall. Ford says no recalls for my VIN. I smell fumes everytime I fuel up!
  10. Put my '14 in the shop Friday for fuel line recall and transmission sliding into 3rd from 2nd, as well as a regular service. Trans tech took a ride with me and said he couldn't feel the tranny sliding into 3rd. Told him I smelled oil/fluid occasionally. He said not possible because the belly pan would conceal any leaks and the tranny would fail before I noticed leaks. The called me and said there was no fuel line recall for my VIN. Then said they found an axle seal leaking. Well it's monday and when I called them they had not found an anwer for a replacement seal. Guess I'll be printing off part of this thread for him to read since they are oblivious to this being a problem. Letting me take the van until they can come up with an answer for the seal.
  11. ncranchero

    Antenna replacement?

    I have a need to replace the home made antenna with the factory one as I may replace the TC soon. Now I cannot find the original I took off. Anyone have an original laying around????
  12. ncranchero

    Michelin tires maddening me ! !

    FWIW I have 70,500 on the Michelins now. Extremely heavy rain today in NC and my trip up the interstate was hair-raising. Anything over 55-60 and it would hydroplane and get squirrely, not good in a 70 MPH zone. I haven't driven in rain like this in several months. Quite a few motorists in the median and against guardrails. When I got home I measured the tread since they still "look" decent and it's at 4 to 5/32nds out of the new 11/32nds. That's rather disappointing since they're only a little over half used up! I just SO hate to go back to the Conti's..................
  13. ncranchero

    Tune-up time overdue

    My MPG's have dropped to 365 miles on a tank so upon checking when I'd last changed my air filter (49901 Wix) it became apparent that it was time again. Changed it, confident my MPG's would once again allow me 390-400 miles on a tank. Nope. Looked up the recommended spark plug change and see it's 90K, hmmm. I'm at 107K now so it's overdue. Called my local Ford dealer for an estimate ...................holy smoke! Parts/labor to change the plugs is a whopping $469 !!! How can this be? Oh yeah, if the plug breaks it's $65 each to remove the broken piece! It's a plain old spark plug. WTH is there to break? Called the Parts Dept back & asked the price of plugs. $15.50 each. SP448 (AGSF32YPC) Motorcraft at Rock Auto are $6.41 & $7.09 @ Advance Auto !! Mind blowing!
  14. ncranchero

    Michelin tires maddening me ! !

    I run the max tire manufacturers inflation pressure which is 44 psi. & load rating is 1510 lbs. I purchased them at Discount Tire and had to order them. I carry the maximum (+/-) a lot of days and the tires perform/handle wonderfully. The road noise in this sparcely insulated tin can is just driving me nuts. My 2008 E250 is like riding in a limo compared to the TC. They are 90K mile tires and I only have 39K on them, and they show little wear, so I have many more miles left on them. Must find a solution to the noise.