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  1. My ‘18 didn’t have a glass in the left slider when I got it 🤨 Merging into traffic just using the mirror was just uncomfortable, especially after my ‘14 was equipped with the glass. I had a local glass company install one a week or so ago. Much better, much safer. The Ford/Carlite glass was $195, installation $45. Worth every cent!
  2. Sounds like it could be a GEM issue. Have you disconnected the battery (both terminals) and bled off any residual voltage?
  3. I’m about 3 weeks in on my 2018 and have a couple questions. 1- the screen is considerably dimmer than my 2014 was. Any adjustments to brighten it up? 2- on the 2014 when going from reverse to neutral the camera would stay on, the 2018 doesn’t. The 2014 allowed me to park (with the brake up) and keep an eye on what’s happening behind me. I miss that. Any comments? I think I’ve read all the camera posts and not seen references to my questions. My screen does show the minus/magnifying glass discussed elsewhere so I’ll have to play with that now. Thanks in advance for any insight.
  4. ncranchero

    2018 XLT- Reverse camera question

    True, just wondering why the difference.
  5. ncranchero

    2018 XLT- Reverse camera question

    I tried the suggestions with mixed results. The “-/magnifying glass” tip works great. The display delay does work but the camera still turns off after a short delay. I don’t have Sync 3 only Sync. Model year changes I guess. Oh well....
  6. ncranchero

    ContiproContact Tire. Any Good?

    Had 4 sets on my ‘14, averaged 50K */- each set, no problems at all. Rotated every 7500 mile oil change, 90% highway miles.
  7. ncranchero

    Factory jack needed

    www.car-part.com Should be cheap enough since it’s not a high demand item. Shop around.
  8. ncranchero

    2018 XLT- Reverse camera question

    I read that on here somewhere but guess I didn’t relate it to the neutral difference. I’ll have a look at that. Thanks.
  9. Ah ok. I thought you had found some reflector size flush mounts. 👍🏼
  10. Thanks! I especially like the reflector replacement lights. I’ll have to find a pair suitable for that or do you have a link to the ones you used?
  11. ncranchero

    Gen 2 Steelies

    I went with the Ranger/PoPo center caps on my ‘18 also, am leaving the wheels black though. Wish I had located the posts about them when I had my black ‘14.
  12. Throw up a photo of the outside if you will. I’m going to mod my spare set with some rear warning lights as soon as I get an opportunity,
  13. Co-worker was backed into by a flatbed Dura-Max Chevrolet. Damage is almost $5K !!
  14. ncranchero

    15K mile Maintenance

    I was reading that you should have the rear u-bolts re-torqued every 15K miles. :o Anyone had a problem with the rear suspension? By that being a 15K mile maintenance item it makes me think there has been a problem along the way somewhere. But, if a problem exists wouldn't 15k be a bit long to put off the re-torque/inspection? I think I'll check mine a bit sooner. FYI, torque is 92 ft.lbs. in the typical cross bolt pattern and the vehicle MUST be resting on it's wheels (not jacked up).
  15. Now that it's COLD weather is anyone else having issues with the windows fogging up. No, I'm not breathing too heavily..... As long as I have the HVAC set to full heat on defrost only it keeps the glasses clear but as soon as I turn it to floor or dash heat the windows fog right back up. I had the dealer check for a clogged HVAC drain tube last time it was serviced. Who knows if they really looked at it though. Is this a common problem or should I just hunt it down myself?
  16. ncranchero

    Tune-up time overdue

    My MPG's have dropped to 365 miles on a tank so upon checking when I'd last changed my air filter (49901 Wix) it became apparent that it was time again. Changed it, confident my MPG's would once again allow me 390-400 miles on a tank. Nope. Looked up the recommended spark plug change and see it's 90K, hmmm. I'm at 107K now so it's overdue. Called my local Ford dealer for an estimate ...................holy smoke! Parts/labor to change the plugs is a whopping $469 !!! How can this be? Oh yeah, if the plug breaks it's $65 each to remove the broken piece! It's a plain old spark plug. WTH is there to break? Called the Parts Dept back & asked the price of plugs. $15.50 each. SP448 (AGSF32YPC) Motorcraft at Rock Auto are $6.41 & $7.09 @ Advance Auto !! Mind blowing!
  17. Just an update on my post on this subject. The seal obviously worked on my leaking problem and at 71800 miles the trans is still soft going from 2 to 3 but it doesn't seem any worse.
  18. I just joined the group and thought I'd post up the current TSB's. I actually don't have a TC yet but am taking delivery on Monday 8/2. I have some pretty good resources so if I can be of assistance to someone just give me a shout. I've noticed some of the posts here pertain to these TSB's. I can post the complete bulletin on an as needed basis. Here is the current list: Technical Service Bulletins 2010 TRANSIT CONNECT - US (English) The Technical Service Bulletins (TSB's) listed here may NOT apply to the vehicle you are working on. You MUST run OASIS with a specific VIN and Symptom Code to determine if it applies. If OASIS does not return the TSB, then it does NOT apply. 10-15-3 THUMPING/KNOCKING NOISE - REAR BRAKES 10-15-1 P07XX, P0642, P0138, P0141, P0219 AND/OR ERRATIC SHIFTING AND/OR ERRATIC SPEEDOMETER - BUILT ON OR BEFORE 12/29/2009 10-11-4 CLIMATE CONTROL BLOWER MOTOR - CONTINUOUS OPERATION / INOPERATIVE ON ONE SPEED - A/C COMPRESSOR INOPERATIVE - BUILT ON OR BEFORE 8/7/2009 10-9-6 CREAK NOISE FROM REAR - WITH BRAKES APPLIED 10-4-9 VARIOUS WATER LEAKS 10-1-10 BLACK RUBBER CARGO MAT OFFENSIVE SMELL 09-22-2 LATERAL PLAY AND/OR RADIAL NOISE IN TELESCOPING STEERING COLUMN 09-20-8 PASSENGER WIPER ARM INTERFERES WITH DRIVER ARM IN PARK POSITION 09-19-18 REAR CARGO DOOR RATTLE - BUILT BEFORE 6/1/2009
  19. We are misunderstanding. My current TC IS a 2014 with the 2.5L engine. My last one was a 2010 with the 2.0L engine. My 2014 will blow the doors off of a Gen 1 and gets better MPG's.
  20. ncranchero

    Grille guard/brush guard or bull bar?

    Will do. Need to find a UK TC site and ask.
  21. I want a wrap-around grille guard. We sell Setina police push bars/grille guards but they don't make them for the '14 TC. Aries made them for the Gen 1 TC's but their dealers say no to the '14. Anyone anywhere seen one? I've already had a truck musflap and a recap tread fly up into the front end. The flap knocked the bumper cover loose and the tread impacted the cover also and broke a fog light. I do not want to see what a deer does to it!!!
  22. Geez! It's been a long two weeks! I got it on AUGUST 8 not October.... I got my 2010 in October. Yes, it's 95% highway driving but I only work 3 days a week. I'll average 1,000 a week. That ciphers out 'bout right. Johnnyguy, the in-car MPG calculator averages around 27 and I drive it like I stole it! I can "grandmaw" it and it'll max out at 31 but that's not a tank full average. I can't baby it that long! (singing " I can't drive 55") That's about 200-250 miles. Thanks bx77! It's hard to keep clean but it sure looks good when it is. Autobell has a $24.95 a month unlimited exterior was and hand dry that I'm seriously considering for the winter months. I washed it this afternoon, 45 degrees and dried it by a blast up the highway! That $24.95 is sounding better and better!