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  1. Turns out it was a wiring harness that deteriorated in the back(!) door. The signal goes from the steering column through the rear door and back to the front. I never would have figured that out.
  2. 2011 TC XLT with 160K miles. One day last month, the front wipers came on by themselves, and I could not shut them off. I finally had to pull out the under-dash fuse to get them to stop. Symptoms: Front wipers always on, rear wipers don't work at all, washers (front and rear) don't work at all. I installed a new wiper switch (on the steering column) and that had no effect. So, now I don't want to throw any more parts at it until I have a firmer idea about what is wrong. Oh, another problem...the 'door ajar' light is always on, and that makes it impossible to lock the van. That happened a few months before the wiper problem. I don't know if it's related. Any ideas, people?