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  1. Thanks guys for the in depth research. I called my dealer again today (7-2-18) and got a more knowledgable person this time. Yes, they are reflectors and for my 2016 Transit Connect XLT Platinum I can have them for 86.00 each plus 50.00 each for the core charge. With tax that would run me 292.40 for two small plastic pieces about 4 inches long. So I will take advice, review what has been searched, and do some more deep google searching like you all have done. This is cool! As a group we can break through the status quo and make things desired a bit more affordable!
  2. Hi all, Anyone know where to get the "upper real tail light assembly" (maybe it is just a reflector assembly) instead of the dumb "black insert that makes no sense why it's there" assembly? I saw one pass by on the highway in Chicago yesterday and hell if I can't find any info on google or Ford on it . My dealer is clueless too. Has no idea told me "maybe an after market thing." Why such a mystery I do not know. frisky
  3. frisky

    To combat road noise

    Thank you all for your responses, very helpful insites however it turns out the low rumbling that occurs is dependant on the actual composition of the asphalt that I am cruising over. I have found SO MUCH variation due to road condition! It is like NIGHT & DAY, if the road is smooth I sail quietly. If not, RUMBLE CITY! Anyway thank you! I will figure this out, I LUV my transit. I am going to post tonight a HUGE question about rear tail light assemblies. Why the hell do some transit connects have an "upper red/white" reflective assembly instead of the stock black insert? Making me nuts! My dealer is clueless... saw one on the highway yesterday in Chicago...
  4. frisky

    To combat road noise

    LnnyRi, I just purchased a TC XLT 2016 8 days ago from Carmax . 20,500 miles. I am now noticing a low rumbling sound at 25 miles per hour and below most certainly coming from the rear like right over the back axle area. It almost seems like a wheel bearing issue. It is VERY DISTURBING, I cannot shake it now that I am aware of it. Was your issue coming from the back of the wagon like mine? I have Conti tires OEM. Why does this show up now, it was not there when I test drove it. UGH! Further info is that I have removed both rows of seats completely to turn it into a contractor van. I have a heavy carpet over the OEM carpet plus a lot of painting gear in there so it not an empty reverberating space. any thoughts? Thx, Steven.