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  1. HeRodeCBR

    ContiproContact Tire. Any Good?

    Yepp Sure Did Ed. Has anyone upsized? Any issues with tire rubbing or traction control? I could deal with any speedo changes...perhaps a mile per hour or two presumably. Could mathematically figure it out pretty easily. Tire pressure from Tires Plus Installers was very close. They went with 41 all the way around it looks like. I went back to the door jamb stickers suggestion of 41 front 43 rear. Yeah PhotoAl. You got me standing up on the pegs. My CBR was a 1992 1000. It was my ex boss's son's. He took it all apart in the cafeteria of our shop and bought every top dollar part available for it. From wheels and "Upside down" swingarm to stage 2 cams and WiseCo1040 high compression piston kit. Then he landed in jail with the bike still torn apart back in the corner of our cafeteria. I got a phone call late one night from his dad, asking me if I wanted to bail the kid out of jail. This was in 1995. Bail was $1350.00. Took me about four months to put that wicked beeahhh all together. Called her my "RD on steroids". Cams were so hot that it loped like an RD gurgling just before coming on the pipes. What fun. Never built a 4 stroke before. Won the area's horse power shootout just trying to see if any timing adjustments were needed. Apparently not.
  2. HeRodeCBR

    ContiproContact Tire. Any Good?

    Thanks guys. I was not able to find any one here to upsize my tires at all. "Too many issues with speedometer and traction control, they will rub....etc etc." Still have not checked the pressure they were filled to. I will check them after work tomorrow, promise. Vehicle was in the body shop for a rear end collision. No real damage to my Van at all. My trailer hitch basically ate his 2016 Jaguar xf's front end up. He dove under as he drove me into the wide grassy center median.I aimed for when I realized he was not stopping. They replaced my rear bumper mount and the bumper itself. Also they threw in an actual Ford OEM hitch saying it was required as the dealer can only install OEM under Insurance repairs. Traction in the rain still seems as good or better than the Conti's.
  3. HeRodeCBR

    ContiproContact Tire. Any Good?

    Bought a set of 5 yes (5) Firestone Transforce CV tires from my good Tires Plus Dealer here in Safety Harbor Florida. Told him I had just come from a competitor of theirs and was hoping to buy from Tires Plus if possible. I was very happy with the final price and service. I will check tire pressure tomorrow to see what they filled to. On the way home the van felt more responsive than the old worn mismatched mess I had when the vehicle was purchased from my auto broker. I wanted a tire good in the rain being here in Florida and it rained while the tires were being installed. Thus the new rubber was properly "Baptised" on my way home. Traction seems about the same as the Contipros. I will report back as I get more miles on these skins.
  4. Hello; I have been waiting to buy new tires. Looks like now is the time. This was on the front of my 2.5L 2015 Cargo door LWB XLT. It was also hidden under the van as a spare for a while. I would like to replace them with the alternative size 235/65 R16 in the same Continental brand. Are they considered a good tire? I use my Van in Florida, daily to work , light load. Occasional heavy load weekend runs with motorcycles and gear, highway use.
  5. HeRodeCBR

    Water on passenger footwell

    My 2015 had the same symptoms. Water on the passenger side floor after rain. I was lucky enough to see water dripping occasionally from the topside window seal. Luckily still under warranty (31,000) miles at the time. Dealer removed resealed and installed new FoMoCo OEM windshield. That solved my Van Transit Connect's leak.
  6. HeRodeCBR

    Just checking in

    Thanks a ton Don. I will check that relay for the wipers. I'll bet it has a bad ground.!!!!
  7. HeRodeCBR

    Just checking in

    No it sounds the same Don. The rear wipers do shut off when I turn off the key. Unless I remove it (the key) and open the door any door to actually shut off all the accesories it (the rear wipers) will resume. Hehaha. Schematics would be awesome. Let me know if you rather Email them to me than post here publicly. Here are a few more pictures of my Dodge Maxivan to Transit Connect Seat conversion:
  8. HeRodeCBR

    Just checking in

    Thanks Don; That probably explains why they had a difficult time finding the problem. I have not really tried to solve it myself as I still had about six moths and six-thousand miles left on the factory bumper to bumper warranty. I bought the vehicle for a really great price from an out of town auto-broker. Now since that part of the warranty has expired I may poke around and try to solve it. I do not have any paper documentation other than user guides and owner's manual provided when I bought it. I did subscribe to the online "All Data" service for some technical background on it.
  9. HeRodeCBR

    Just checking in

    Hello everyone; I have had my 2015 long wheelbase Cargo Door window van for a little over a year now. I get about 29 on the highway using mid-grade fuel here in Florida driving @ around 67mph. in town I get maybe 22 lots of long stoplights here in Pinellas county. My only real problem still has to do with the silly rear windshield wipers. The dealer says that they are "fixed" but they still do not operate reliably. Once switched on, the do not like to turn off. Makes no matter what mode they are in, one shot squirt and wipe, intermittent, or regular. Most time have to switch off the vehicle , remove the key and open the door to get them to turn off. Really.!! The best part is that they work better at turning off when the weather is cold. I suspect a bad ground somewhere on either the actual CPU of my Van or just the wiper circuit or connectors in the door. Cold weather could help the current carrying capacity of the suspect connection? I don't know? With what little training I have in digital logic a low signaling "Off" to the intended device needs to have a good enough ground to pull it all the way "Down". Other wise a great Van. I have been using it for many purposes. I retrofitted a Dodge Maxivan's bench seat to allow me to accommodate a total of five people now. I still retained the quick release latch system as well. Quite a lot of work to do so but well worth the strength and durability not to mention ease of install and removal. I have yet to post some photos of the seat actually installed. Here are the stock mounting plates in the planning stages. I know I have more photos SOMEWHERE...Sorry.
  10. HeRodeCBR

    2017 TC XLT simple camper

    Nice job with your conversion. I probably can even get my bike in with the fold up capabilities you made here. I built a Dodge MaxiVan made especially for versatility back in 1974. Camping, motorcycle hauling and of course easily removeable components for hauling large objects, lumber, yardwork etc. Can your modifications be quickly and easly removed as well?. I want the capability to take my Lawn tractor for "Rides" in the Van Transit Connect as well.
  11. HeRodeCBR

    Typical Mileage

    Hey Mrtn, It's Ok. I get up on my soapbox WAY too often as well. I am pleased the topic of alternative energy, in particular Fuel cells came up. Back in '95 being so enamored by it that I invested and lost about 5G in them because of stock market ignorance. Since then I have continued to have faith in Fuel cell technology and recovered my losses on the same holdings four times over. I still believe contrary to Elon, that they are by far the "Holy Grail". Anyway I will continue my search for the OIl pressure system and starter needed for my gas saving "Auto start" conversion dream. Cheers, Ciao, Chuise...!!!
  12. Hey J, I found a great 2015 with the 2.5L gasoline engine (2.5L-Group:FFMXT02.52D8) not sure if this is the "Durotec" version or not. I hope to get as many good dervice miles as you from this Van Transit Connect. Do you have the passenger seats ( the first row right behind the driver and front passenger) for sale? if so how much would you want for them? I bought mine used and the guy before who owned it stripped the interior of rear seats. I use mine for pleasure motorcycle hauling and camping but I have relatives coming in October and would like to have seating for five again. Please let me know. Congratulations on your VanTransit's longevity SIncerely HerodeCBR
  13. HeRodeCBR

    Typical Mileage

    Just was trying to see who may have clues and ideas on making our own stop start Transit Connect is all.
  14. HeRodeCBR

    Hello from Minnesota

    Fity This is what a DRZ Looks like in VanTransit. Can you figure out how I did it?
  15. HeRodeCBR

    Typical Mileage

    Mrtn Thanks a bunch for the euopean start stop clue. I wonder if they even use the same engine as mine. If so a starter upgrade and an oil pressure accumalator would be SO worth it to me. Next questions would be how to access the ECU pinouts for the correct Start stop behavior. Thanks a bunch already.