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  1. desert_connect

    2017 TC XLT simple camper

    Thanks. I used the magnets because I am not 100% sure this is what want and this allows me to backtrack. Oops, looks like I should have proof read my fan post!
  2. Thanks, zalienz. Nice to know what I am facing. I kinda figured that it might be an adhesive caulking. I've replaced several windshields and windows in the 70s using the butyl rope cord and a primer but never adhesive caulking only. For removal I used a tool that was a knife on the end of an offset handle with a T handle pull cable but being too short it would not work for this application. Everything has changed in 40 years!
  3. Very nice window upgrade. Your post got me inspired to look online for sliding door windows and came across Van Windows Direct out of Victorville CA. They have solid windows and then I stumbled onto their 1/2 sliding window for either L or R side sliding door, 380$ each. Kinda spendy but less than the used wagon doors I found in Yuma at 600$ each. Were you around when they installed your window? I was just curious if you or anyone else knew how difficult it was to remove the plastic cover. From looking at your pictures (thanks) you posted it looks like it is glued in with a butyl tape or caulking.
  4. desert_connect

    2017 TC XLT simple camper

    I added another LED light. This one is movable by using magnets for mounting at windguy's suggection, both lights live 12v van power. I can reach this light from the driver and pass seat, side door or from in the back. These computerized vehicles are very aggravating some lights are on when you don't want them and others you can't turn on when you do want them! I also bought a Caframo Bora 12v marine fan, mounted with magnets and hooked it up to a Webtop 155 wh LED batt/generator. It will run on low for 100 hrs or on high for 50 hrs w/o any worries of depleting the van battery. This fan combined combined with front door window vent shades does add some much needed air movement inside for sleeping. We camped last weekend in the Tombstone Bisbee area.
  5. desert_connect

    2017 TC XLT simple camper

    Finally getting around to doing more interior work on my TC. I started by adding thin (Lowes) carpet to the sheet metal windows. The rear doors (pics) were easy being able to oversize the carpet to tuck neatly underneath the door frame and used 1" magnetic strips to hold them up. I cut out the rear side windows but still working out the mounting details.
  6. desert_connect

    Any way to kill all the lights?

    Thanks....good thought. I am 2 hours south of Phoenix.
  7. desert_connect

    Any way to kill all the lights?

    Both dealers worked on trying to turn off the approach lights and neither could figure it out. I do have the updated BCM confirmed by the second dealer and I bought an ohp elmconfig tool for forscan. All I need now is a laptop with windows, a mac with windows conversion software did not work.
  8. desert_connect

    Any way to kill all the lights?

    I believe the actual cut off date is posted somewhere in this forum. My 2017 also needed the BCM update and it was built in Nov 2016 just missing the newer BCM. Two different dealers with an updated BCM and I still have the annoying approach light problem.
  9. desert_connect

    voice command not "hearing" me

    I have a 2017 TC with the same sync and have never had a single issue like you have described. But then again I don't use it often and only for an occasional phone call. One thing I do not like is on my XLT they stuck the microphone (if that's what this is) down at the bottom of the dash beside the console. Seems like a great place if my knees could talk but since not I have to talk loudly. Looks like an add on and not from the factory..........is your's the same?
  10. Like, Windguy, I have had my 2017 TC van into two different dealers to turn the perimeter lights off without success. My van missed the newer BCM by about 2 weeks so the first dealer said he updated the BCM but still could not turn the lights off. The second dealer confirmed the first dealer did indeed update the BCM and also said he could not turn the lights off. Wished I knew what the secret was to successfully turing the stupid annoying lights off!
  11. desert_connect

    Favorite Scenic TC Photos

    Thanks for you interest and great suggestions, Windguy!
  12. desert_connect

    Favorite Scenic TC Photos

    Herb, Thanks for you reply but I was looking for interested people. I am not suggesting anything else on the forum change so you and others not interested simply do not look, just like you would not look at other threads not interesting to you.
  13. desert_connect

    Favorite Scenic TC Photos

    Hello, I am wondering if there is any interest in starting a new "subject heading" or section for posting our favorite scenic exterior TC photos? I looked briefly on the forum and other than the gallery of mixed photos I do not see a section for this. If there is a section I missed please steer me in that direction or please post if you are interested and maybe the forum moderators will consider it. I have enjoyed this on other forums without having to sort through hundreds of pictures and threads to see the other owners vehicle colors, models, wheels, tires, camping, hauling, trips, etc. Thanks very much!
  14. desert_connect

    Fan becomes LOUD at 3 and 4

    A noisy fan on high is somewhat normal.........If it is vibrating the steering wheel on 3-4 and/or a low pitch rumbling noise is coming from within the dash it may be another problem. Mine did that very same thing and it was a mouse nest that got sucked inside the heater.
  15. desert_connect


    I plan to use these spacers to lift my van. Probably two spacers (1") and one size up on the tires (Sumitomo HTR XL 215/60-16 = +.8"). About 1 3/8" lift overall. SPACCER® offers the following benefits: Increased clearance - 12 mm, 24 mm, 36 mm or 48 mm (.47 in, .94 in, 1.42 in or 1.89 in) https://www.spaccer.com/en_US/makes-and-models/ford/transit-connect.html