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  1. desert_connect

    Introducing myself..

    Welcome.......looks like you are about ready to load up and hit the road! My brother and I are talking about heading over to Parker for the "Van Build". It's only a 200 mi drive from home. Me in my 17' Connect and him in a 95' Ford E350 ambulance conversion. Hope to see you there.
  2. desert_connect

    New here from South Florida

    My experience has been there are far more right hand open spots at the filling station than left.
  3. desert_connect

    2017 TC XLT simple camper

    Thanks.......there is a window similar in size to the you described on Amazon for 113$ w/free shipping https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Q87QHF2/ref=dp_cerb_1. Vintage Technologies RV, Cargo, Teardrop Trailer Horizontal Window 22" x 12" x 1-1/2" Wall Thickness, Black Frame, Radius Corners
  4. desert_connect

    2017 TC XLT simple camper

    Thanks, windguy. Thanks, jrm223. The window is frameless itself but does have the metal door frame around the window inside. An inside screen and magnets could work I'll give that some thought, thanks.
  5. desert_connect

    2017 TC XLT simple camper

    We have returned from 12 more days of van camping, this totals up more than 50 nights in two years. The new sliding door window worked out great for extra ventilation along with the lithium gen/batt powered fan and our new little dog likes it too. As a temporary solution for this trip I gorilla taped a piece of fiberglass screen over the outside of the window and cracked the front door windows an inch when parked. Light rain was no problem and the air moving in though the side window and out the front windows seemed to keep the bugs out. Even with 99% humidity inside, according to the meter, the van roof and walls remained completely dry, no dripping like in the past. I will find a better solution for the screen and tweak the fan placement but overall this arrangement was a success.
  6. desert_connect

    Intelligent Oil Life Monitor

    I am not using the IOLM other than to turn it off when it tells me to change the oil. I am changing oil every 6k because it gets dirty and starts using a small amount of oil so it needs a change in my opinion. The IOLM on my 17' TC van has told me to change oil at 10, 2xx, both times so far and I am at 27,900mi now. I drive about 95%+ highway/freeway and the other few % around town.
  7. desert_connect

    Now I can see

    LOL.....yes, the crooked backing parkers are the ones that do not know how to use mirrors. The positive side of backing into any situation at time of arrival is the driver has the most control of and a birds eye view of the whole situation before doing so. Whereas backing afterwards the driver is somewhat blind of whats around them with less control of the situation and with todays high speed drivers a situation can change less than a second. Backing at arrival is in all "defensive driving and truck/equipment driving safety classes". If it were up to me ALL drivers would have to watch a defensive driving video to get their drivers license renewed primarily for on road etiquette and safety........something that seems to have been lost and traded for saving time in todays go fast world.
  8. desert_connect

    Fuel Mileage

    I should have also mentioned that along with the higher temps is very low humidity. The low humidity is probably a larger factor than the higher temps.
  9. desert_connect

    Fuel Mileage

    I just returned from trip of 4000 mi from southern Arizona to NW Washington and back in my '17 TC XLT van. Most of the speeds were in the 65-70 mph range, fastest & worst mpg was 80+ and slowest & best mpg was 50-60 mph. Best milage was 30.5, worst 25.0 and the overall trip average was 28.66 mpg. Most notable was when I returned to the 100+ temps in southern Nevada/Arizona my milage dropped off.
  10. desert_connect

    Fuel Mileage

    You are really covering some ground! Like you I too have found that speed was the biggest mpg killer, also wind is very similar. Anything above above 70 mph I can see a drop in milage. Have a great trip back east!
  11. desert_connect

    Rear Door Mounting - Channels

    I researched this idea to install a bike rack on a friends NV200. There are a few good examples out there mainly on larger full size vans. The best I have seen so far use 80/20 aluminum track then it is easy to slide in nut or bolt plates for adjustable mounting. The track is mounted to the doors using several rivet nuts to spread out the load. The door hinges are heavy duty enough but you'd still be mounting to sheet metal therefore the more attachment points the better. Here are a couple google pics of a homemade bike rack on a ProMaster.
  12. Good find, lots of low mile parts on that TC! It has the larger L/R side mirrors too.
  13. desert_connect


    Thanks Don. Yes, it appears to be the later version. With a clear mind I need to go back through the procedure to make certain that I followed all the steps correctly.
  14. desert_connect


    Thanks everyone. Here are my currant BCM codes.........I'll have to take the time to compare with others.
  15. desert_connect


    Approach lights "disabled" and the lights still come on. The whole story; 1) Took it to a Ford dealer a year ago. They claimed they updated the BCM and turned the approach lights off, but the lights were still on. The service manager tried to charge me for it with some double talk but when I told him I knew they'd get paid for the update by Ford then he backed off (free). 2) Second dealer last December was happy to check it out for me since I bought the van through one of their area stores. They confirmed the first dealer did in fact update the BCM but were unable to turn off the approach lights. 3) Today......I purchased a used laptop (windows) from a fellow TC owner on this forum and the Forscan adaptor from Amazon. After a bit of time lost linking the extended license to the Forscan I hooked it up to my van. The found the approach lights were "disabled". I cycled through "enabled" and "disabled" 3 times leaving them "disabled" and the approach lights are still ON. This frustrates me to no end. The only permanent solution I know of at this point is the get rid of the van.