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  1. Like, Windguy, I have had my 2017 TC van into two different dealers to turn the perimeter lights off without success. My van missed the newer BCM by about 2 weeks so the first dealer said he updated the BCM but still could not turn the lights off. The second dealer confirmed the first dealer did indeed update the BCM and also said he could not turn the lights off. Wished I knew what the secret was to successfully turing the stupid annoying lights off!
  2. desert_connect

    Favorite Scenic TC Photos

    Thanks for you interest and great suggestions, Windguy!
  3. desert_connect

    Favorite Scenic TC Photos

    Herb, Thanks for you reply but I was looking for interested people. I am not suggesting anything else on the forum change so you and others not interested simply do not look, just like you would not look at other threads not interesting to you.
  4. desert_connect

    Favorite Scenic TC Photos

    Hello, I am wondering if there is any interest in starting a new "subject heading" or section for posting our favorite scenic exterior TC photos? I looked briefly on the forum and other than the gallery of mixed photos I do not see a section for this. If there is a section I missed please steer me in that direction or please post if you are interested and maybe the forum moderators will consider it. I have enjoyed this on other forums without having to sort through hundreds of pictures and threads to see the other owners vehicle colors, models, wheels, tires, camping, hauling, trips, etc. Thanks very much!
  5. desert_connect

    Fan becomes LOUD at 3 and 4

    A noisy fan on high is somewhat normal.........If it is vibrating the steering wheel on 3-4 and/or a low pitch rumbling noise is coming from within the dash it may be another problem. Mine did that very same thing and it was a mouse nest that got sucked inside the heater.
  6. desert_connect


    I plan to use these spacers to lift my van. Probably two spacers (1") and one size up on the tires (Sumitomo HTR XL 215/60-16 = +.8"). About 1 3/8" lift overall. SPACCER® offers the following benefits: Increased clearance - 12 mm, 24 mm, 36 mm or 48 mm (.47 in, .94 in, 1.42 in or 1.89 in) https://www.spaccer.com/en_US/makes-and-models/ford/transit-connect.html
  7. desert_connect

    2017 TC XLT simple camper

    I also put a dynamat type material in all my doors for sound deadening and it sure got rid of the tinny sound. My side doors have a foam covering the cut out openings underneath the panels, however the foam does not touch the side panel rivet fastener area where I was getting the vibration rattle. My rear doors did not have the factory foam, only a plastic film under three openings and nothing under the forth.
  8. desert_connect

    My TC is the almost Perfect Mouse Habitat

    I cleaned the entire area with pine-sol and plugged the (mouse) access area using ss screen and used RTV to hold it onto the plastic/rubber. I may still make a screen for the fresh air door later on using 1/4" mesh screen.
  9. desert_connect

    2017 TC XLT simple camper

    Thanks, HeRodeCBR! I would suspect that a bike could be loaded along side my camper bed/sofa with the foot pegs folded up. It takes up exactly half of the van, so 24" open between the wheel wells and around 25" above. There are only two turnbuckles holding the unit in place so I can remove it myself in only a couple of minutes.
  10. desert_connect

    My TC is the almost Perfect Mouse Habitat

    Yes, thats true. But there are also drain holes just outboard of the strut towers large enough for the mice to get inside. Here are a couple of pics that show what it looks like with the cowl tray and cover off. One pic shows an arrow where the mice can get in and the other pic shows the fresh air door to the heater.
  11. desert_connect

    2017 TC XLT simple camper

    Thanks windguy and GBL. Your panels look great, windguy. I too had a real challenge painting the large side door panels with temps well above 100* I could not paint fast enough.....lol. My side door panels are not quite as nice as the smaller rear panels but look okay. I painted the insides because I leave the doors cracked while camping and at times when it rains they do get a few drips and dribbles. After putting the panels back on I discovered right away they rattled. The panels too rigid with paint (?). So, I pulled them back off and covered the inside(s) with a foam membrane using a left over roll of that thin foam for the floating laminate flooring. That tightened the panels up and worked well. May have even made the inside a bit quieter too.
  12. Ford engineered the almost perfect mouse habitat in my 2017 TC. While camping last week two mice jumped up into the engine bay and pulled all the loose uncovered wheel well insulation apart and made a nest right in front of the heater fresh air intake in about a 36 hour time period. You guessed it, as soon as I started the engine the AC came on and the fresh air intake door opened up and most of that insulation got sucked right into the heater fan. I noticed right away the heater sounded rough on 1 low and made the dash rumble and shake on 2. I needed (wanted) AC when we dropped back down to the 110 temps so I tore half the dash apart and finally gave up on trying to get the fan motor out. I pulled the wipers off and the plastic tray/cover pieces off from underneath the windshield and removed the rest of the insulation. Then pulled the cabin filter and made tools from tree branches to reach up inside and painstakingly I picked, prodded and plucked the insulation out of the squirrel cage fan and used the fan to blow it out a little at a time.......took me about 4 hours and insulation all over inside on the pass side. Fortunately, the mice were not in there long enough to make a huge stinky mess, could have been much worse. The mice watched me working and I couldn't get rid of them. They finally left the scene a after I had finished and during or following the rain and hail storm that afternoon. I left the cowl tray, cover and wipers off until I was ready to leave so I could see them. I plan to make a hardware screen cloth cover to put over the fresh air opening to prevent this from ever happening again. The picture is what came out when removing the filter and only represents a a very small amount of the insulation I removed.
  13. desert_connect

    2017 TC XLT simple camper

    I finally got around to painting the cheap moisture wicking door panels. I did the rear door first and will do the sliding doors next. Scuffed the panels with 150# sandpaper. Painted a primer and a base coat on both sides and a granite top coat on the face only. The rough finish looks good but may prove to be a nuisance to clean.
  14. desert_connect

    Typical Mileage

    AND not to mention the large amount of energy wasted producing ethanol fuel as well as the transportation of shipping it too the refineries to mix it with gasoline to produce worse mpg. Who's bright idea was this!
  15. desert_connect

    Windshield sun visors

    Mine do the same. The drivers side from day one and the passenger side after a couple of months.....so at least they are both even now.