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  1. SOLD......FS: Camper Van flip over bed pod and table for 2014-up Ford Transit Connect Cargo. Well built, 3/4" 9 ply Birch plywood, 3” cushions, converts into a bed in seconds. One person can install or remove the pod in 3-4 minutes held in with two turn buckles and hinged table bolts into existing holes. Includes; bed pod, cushions, fold down table, 155 watt/hr battery/gen/charger, Caframo Bora 12v Marine low watt fan, butane cook stove w/10 bottles, 2 kitchen totes, 50 qt ice chest, 6 x 8 and 10 x 12 rip stop nylon awning tarps, 2 telescoping awning poles with ropes and stakes, two rechargeable lights, 4 gal water jug. $350 In the Tucson, Arizona area.
  2. desert_connect

    Solution: Blower Fan noise, dash vibration and MICE

    Sorry to hear. Been there done that while camping in the summer of 2018. And guess where the mice got the nest material, Ford installed it 3' away for their convenience and then gave them a path to the inside the van.
  3. desert_connect

    2017 TC XLT simple camper

    SOLD Just tossing this out to the forum members: I am moving overseas next month so I will be selling my 17' Transit Connect XLT. It has been trouble free with just under 36,000mi and all oil changes at 6k. I bought it new in July of 2017, a few normal rock chips but no fender benders not even a single door ding, it is in very good condition. I will be asking KBB average private party price and the long list of accessories and camping equipment is included. I am looking for an interested person that wants to use the camping conversion and I will work with them for a sale. I live 25 minutes south of Tucson Arizona and I will be leaving sometime between December 1 and January 8th, if all goes as planned (?) Serous inquiries please feel free to contact me. Thanks, Ernie
  4. desert_connect

    2017 TC XLT simple camper

    Thanks, MLB. I chose this window primarily for the opening window. So the other factors were of less importance to me. It does not leak or create any wind noise that I have noticed and seems to operate well. I only use it while parked and camping for air ventilation otherwise it remains closed. I suppose it could be considered less secure but face it if anyone wants in all they have to do is knick an edge on the glass with or without the opening window and it will crumble into chips. Even though I was a truck driver for 40 years I have to admit having the window in the R slider does make the van easier to drive in this fast paced world.
  5. desert_connect

    How to turn off back interior lights?

    My stock cargo light was in the wrong spot for me and the van computer shut it off 10 minutes after shutting the ignition off. I removed it completely and added two small RV style LED lights hard wired into the rear 12v outlet so I now can turn them on or off independently without interference from the van computer. I also added 2 magnetic hanging rechargeable lights that can be moved about similar to jrm223. You can see them in my thread here;
  6. I have the AMA sliding window from Vans Windows Direct. You can see my panel removal and the installation here on page 2;
  7. I have the AMA sliding window from Van Windows Direct in my 2017 TC XLT. It works perfectly, no issues at all. You can look at my installation on page 2 of my simple camper thread here;
  8. desert_connect

    Installing an RV roof vent/fan

    A roof vent would be great no doubt, but is it necessary is the real question. Your van already has several opening windows which puts you way ahead of the non window cargo vans like I have. I added one opening window in the R slider which also solved a blind spot issue. Then using screens and a fan I solved my problem with condensation issues inside from overnight sleeping. I am not knocking a roof vent because it would work great. I did however solve my venting issues without cutting a big hole in the roof. Here is the link to my simple camper van:
  9. desert_connect

    Blower fan is ripping up insulation

    I had a similar problem and it was two mice. You can read all about it here:
  10. desert_connect

    2017 TC XLT simple camper

    Thanks, Robin. I did lot of searching to find an opening window. I finally found and purchased the window through Van Windows Direct in southern CA. https://www.vanwindowsdirect.com/collections/vanwindowsdirect-van-windows/products/passenger-sliding-door-half-slider-window-ford-transit-connect-2014-2020
  11. desert_connect

    Whiting out emblems? Or "Blacking out"?

    I didn't paint mine I removed them for a clean look.
  12. desert_connect

    Disable Perimeter Lighting

    I am in southern Arizona. The build date is about one month before (Nov. xx 2016) the BCM update. So, the first dealer updated the BCM but could not turn off the P lights. The second dealer confirmed the first did intact update the BCM but also could not turn off the P lights. I bought a ForScan and worked on it myself, toggling it on/off several times first following procedures posted by others and also several more times following other reasonable possibilities and finally gave up. If I am camping I open my drivers door before shutting off the ignition, or flash the hi/low beams after opening all the doors. Then I never fully close the doors, only 1/2 latched. This will keep the P lights off as long as I do not deviate from that procedure. The interior lights are useless for camping also because after 10 minutes the power to them is shut off so I installed my own with live power. I also totally shut off the interior lights and I NEVER use them at all because they don't operate the way I want use them. I have never been so disgusted with a vehicle in all of my life. If this is progress, I am not looking forward to the future.
  13. desert_connect

    Disable Perimeter Lighting

    I've had my 17' TC to the deal twice to change the perimeter lighting issue and also played with it myself a dozen times with ForScan. Guess what, they are still on!
  14. desert_connect

    Disable Perimeter Lighting

    Without a doubt jrm223 is correct that many more TC's are used in a commercial application than private which brings me to my question. Why don't the perimeter lights illuminate when the engine is running? Many deliveries are made w/o shutting off the engine. I have never understand the logic from all perspectives.
  15. desert_connect

    2015 TC transmission fluid change

    You are correct, GBL.