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  1. Looking to install an aftermarket window. I can't find a details diagram or instructions how to install it since I don't believe any cutting is needed since you're able to remove the plastic panel. Has anyone dabbled in this?
  2. strobz

    2014+ Aftermarket Windows?

    If anyone is interested I found another company www.van.glass and ordered it to Canada.
  3. I found one company in the states which sells them http://www.parkin-acc.com/page40.html. Does anyone know of any other company. Located in Vancouver, BC Canada. Even any aftermarket windows which fits the awkward shape of the LWB passenger door. Thanks!
  4. strobz

    Removing wheel-well covers?

    Appreciate the reply. Ill give that a shot.
  5. strobz

    Removing wheel-well covers?

    I've been trying to detach these clips from the inside with no success. They look like this https://imgur.com/a/zKSLT. Any idea how to remove the black arm from the circular clip with out bending them too much?
  6. strobz

    Removing wheel-well covers?

    Awesome, thanks for the info. Appreciate it!.
  7. strobz

    Removing wheel-well covers?

    Thanks! I can see them I just have no idea how to detach them.
  8. strobz

    Removing wheel-well covers?

    Hey sorry I should have specified what I was talking about more. I'm talking about the black plastic covers on the inside over the wheel wells.
  9. strobz

    Removing wheel-well covers?

    I have a 2017 LWB XT Van and wondering how I can take these buggers off?
  10. Looking for a passenger sliding door window / glass for 2014+ LWB Connect. Located on the west coast of Canada.