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  1. Looking to install an aftermarket window. I can't find a details diagram or instructions how to install it since I don't believe any cutting is needed since you're able to remove the plastic panel. Has anyone dabbled in this?
  2. I found one company in the states which sells them http://www.parkin-acc.com/page40.html. Does anyone know of any other company. Located in Vancouver, BC Canada. Even any aftermarket windows which fits the awkward shape of the LWB passenger door. Thanks!
  3. strobz

    2014+ Aftermarket Windows?

    If anyone is interested I found another company www.van.glass and ordered it to Canada.
  4. strobz

    Removing wheel-well covers?

    I have a 2017 LWB XT Van and wondering how I can take these buggers off?
  5. strobz

    Removing wheel-well covers?

    Appreciate the reply. Ill give that a shot.
  6. strobz

    Removing wheel-well covers?

    I've been trying to detach these clips from the inside with no success. They look like this https://imgur.com/a/zKSLT. Any idea how to remove the black arm from the circular clip with out bending them too much?
  7. strobz

    Removing wheel-well covers?

    Awesome, thanks for the info. Appreciate it!.
  8. strobz

    Removing wheel-well covers?

    Thanks! I can see them I just have no idea how to detach them.
  9. strobz

    Removing wheel-well covers?

    Hey sorry I should have specified what I was talking about more. I'm talking about the black plastic covers on the inside over the wheel wells.
  10. Looking for a passenger sliding door window / glass for 2014+ LWB Connect. Located on the west coast of Canada.