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    Blower fan is ripping up insulation

    Awesome....... By the way the debris is torn up, mice is exactly what it is. Never would have thought of that, so thank you so much for the reply. You just saved me a ton of money taking it in to the shop for them to go on an endless search looking for a cause. We have chickens and I've seen the mice in their coop. Normally I park the car in front of the garage - guess I'm going to have to give that a good clean up so I can use it for what it was intended for instead of a workshop!
  2. I have a 2015 TC. I changed out the cabin filter about month ago because the blower fan was making a lot of noise on 3 or 4. When I took the old filter out, it was ripped to shreds and it took a long time to clean out all of the debris (mostly insulation) from the fan and filter slot. I installed a new carbon filter. Recently the noise started up again, so I pulled out the new filter (which was still intact) and again found lots of debris, this time mostly plastic with a little bit of insulation (pic attached). It's like the fan is sucking in and shredding insulation from somewhere? Anyone ever heard of or experienced a problem like this before? Blower fan debris.HEIC