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  1. Fork with compression rig on
  2. PM'd you. But for the benefit of others: Make sure all the stuff on your handlebars are rotated to give it the lowest profile. Mine will fit without compressing the fork, but I compress the fork anyway just to make it a little easier.  To compress the fork I loop a ratchet strap between my aftermarket front disc guard and the fork.
  3. The center console is still there. I don't feel the wheel chock is necessary. Tie down's to the pegs and the rear wheel seem to be good enough. I'm not even using the ones on the forks anymore.
  4. Here is the current strap setup. I plan on making all custom straps with the high quality cam buckles and swivel locking caribiners.
  5. I bought a white 2019 Transit Connect XL for 24K on 5/3/19. I got the tow package, cruise control, and SYNC3. My long term goal is a modular set up that allows it to be both a camper van and a moto van without a lot of hassle. Moto Van Requirements: Able to secure my 2008 WR450F without it bouncing around on a dirt road (a second dirt bike would be nice) Able to fit riding gear Able to fit camping gear Campervan Requirements: All equipment removable for motorcycle hauling purposes Lightweight for the mpgs and modularity Pretty wood and cool design for the future lady Secure for when leaving valuables at a risky trailhead Able to sleep 2 Immediate goals: Floor mats Sun shade Equipment for securing motorcycle