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    New Owner - Camping/Traveling Ideas

    Hello from east-central Missouri, We are now proud owners of a 2018 Transit xl LWB - cargo model. There are two of us so two-seats are perfect. No windows on the side or back which is great for security. We plan to block the passenger side sliding door for larger/longer items. Now we want to prepare for visits campgrounds. We have a nice tent for outdoor camping in good weather and an air mattress so we can sleep in the van when the weather isn't so good. A Yeti cooler awaits our first trip. Now deciding what to do next. I want to hang our fishing poles so they are out of the way, maybe along passenger side or from the ceiling. Ideas appreciated on how to secure them. We are not wiring in anything but can always use the 12 volt outlet in the console for things like a fan for this summer. Is there a relatively inexpensive fan that would be good for these trips? Other items that might be useful that can be plugged into the console? And we are taking suggestions for making the space in the LWB a home away from home. Looking forward to hearing replies as well as reading other entries in the forums. Everyone have a magnificent non-snowy day (I'm in Missouri -- we are trying to turn into the new snow capital of the contiguous 48 states). BassoraMo