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  1. Peter Surovic

    Turn-key camping conversion

    Eddy, to my knowledge there is nothing else on the market that would allow you to convert standard minivan/cargo van into camper within minutes. You are correct that the price point and vehicle selection will be critical. That’s why we are taking our TC around the country to find out what people think of it and which car would they fit it into.
  2. Peter Surovic

    Turn-key camping conversion

    Surprised to know how many bikers are out here! Would love to do a road trip on a bike one day, met plenty of guys around Yellowstone and Grand Tetons. Couple guys that were camping next to us were riding the whole Continental Divide, from Canada all the way down to border with Mexico.
  3. Hi guys! I am new to the site and thought I would share our camping conversion with you. My wife and I have recently bought 2015 TC Passenger, LWB. We have also purchased a turn-key camping module from our friends in Czech Republic, which converts our TC into camping van within minutes. It has two two cookers, sink with running water, and minifridge. It also folds down into a full size bed. We are taking it on a 2-month tour around US. Below are few photos of the camping module, or you can find more info about it on the website https://nestbyegoe.cz/en You can find more photos as we travel on our instagram at https://www.instagram.com/nestour_north_america/ Feel free to send us any comments or questions about the camping module or our trip. The company that makes it is considering bringing it to US market, but they are not sure if it would be successful here, so any comments would be much appreciated. Thanks and keep enjoying your TCs! Peter and Barbora