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Found 10 results

  1. Hello folks, Just joined the forum today. I started a business about a month ago building and renting TC campervans in the Seattle area. As a long time VW campervan enthusiast I have been looking for a modern vehicle that could be used to fill that void and settled on the TC. At the moment I am only doing full conversions where I take your TC and make it into a well equipped campervan for $6K and plan to offer kits at a lower price point in the next 6 months depending on interest. cascadecampers.com --zach
  2. semperkeith

    My TC RV (almost done)

    Hello everyone, After gathering a lot of ideas from other TC owners all over, I launched on doing my own RV conversion. On my website I have 48 photos with descriptions. After clicking on a thumbnail, If the descriptions don't seem to show, click the little "i" in the circle on the menu bar at the top of the screen. http://semperkeith.com/jalbums/Transit%20Connect%20RV/index.html I still have the sink unit to do and some window screens but the end is near. I am looking forward to road tripping this summer.
  3. I have a 38 foot diesel motorhome. Looking for a new vehicle, must be light and hold adult tricycles. The older Transits could not be towed with 4 wheels turning on the ground. Does anyone know if the new 2019's with the 8 speed automatic can be towed "4 down"? I do not want the hassle of a tow dolly or full trailer.
  4. https://boingboing.net/2017/04/18/guy-turns-a-double-decker-bus.html
  5. I have just posted some new photos showing some of my latest additions to my TC RV. A sink, extra storage, shore power AC and screens. Take a look. Many more photos of this project at: http://www.semperkeith.com/ Now all I need is a trip and I have a couple in mind.
  6. NWCamperMan

    New Transit Connect RV owner

    New owner of a 2010 Transit Connect RV. Just bought it today. Looking forward to many years of happy camping. Will upload more photos as time permits.
  7. ben_marko

    Improved shocks

    I just bought a used 2010 Connect XLT that I want to turn into a microRV, like on this site: http://www.cheaprvliving.com/blog/update-ford-transit-connect-ftc/ I want to improve the shocks to handle to increased load (not much, maybe 300 lbs...will it handle more?). I really want them to last. Does anyone know of good shocks I can use? I am in the Marine Corps and can use the auto hobby shop on base, but while they are good at showing one how to install new shocks, they aren't allowed to recommend shocks to use. Any recommendations would be very much appreciated. Thank you -
  8. SadieBabe

    Woody Wrap

    I am loving my new little Woody TC! Just returned from a week in Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks. Have a few ideas now of how to make this work even better for camping. It is definitely a conversation piece. Posted more photos in the gallery section. I don't surf . . . but my last name has to do with a well known Southern CA surfboard company. I do quilt so in the next few weeks, I plan to make a surfboard/Woody quilt for the van as well as some curtains and even a dressing room for the rear open doors. It is a work in progress. Wrap done by: http://www.iconographystudios.net/ Surfs Up!
  9. SadieBabe


    From the album: LB Woody

    I am still working on tweaking the inside. I did not want an industrial look nor did I have the desire to carry what looked like furniture. I do not need built in cabinets etc. I want to camp, sit by the fire, enjoy the outdoors but with less work than pitching a tent involves. I have also learned that in inclement weather, I want to stay dry. I put a twin mattress with a 3 inch memory foam topper inside, on a twin wooden platform that is slightly elevated by bricks wrapped in towels so as not to be abrasive on the base of the mattress. Under the wood frame I have some room for storage such as for my single burner butane stove, Ziplock bags, etc. I still may work out a pull out tray system of some kind.
  10. Hello all! In early 2010 I began designing, testing and building various configurations of shelves, storage and a variety of modular units in order to get the most out of my Ford Transit Connect. I soon learned that in order to maximize use of space, I would have to think out side of the box and design all of the modules to fit naturally along all the curves in the Transit Connect. This has allowed me to truly transform my Ford Transit Connect into the ultimate vehicle. I can make it into a day camper, a work van, the perfect "sports team" transportation vehicle, and even the ultimate tailgate vehicle available. After nearly two years of designing, testing, and selling my products via "word of mouth", I have began selling my products online www.DiyConversions.com Although I only have a few of my products available on the website at the moment, I will be adding new products nearly every month as I have quite a few modules already designed. Perhaps even more importantly, I have two types of products available. You can purchase the already pre-cut / ready to assemble units (free shipping in continental USA) at a fraction of the price that you would pay for similar Not-custom made shelving units. These units come with easy to follow assembly manual and can be assembled in minutes. Additionally, I also have Do-it-yourself templates that allow you to simply trace the templates onto the mood, cut the pieces utilizing a jigsaw, glue and screw! Thats it. One of the best features of the Diy Templates is the fact that there is absolutely no measuring involved. You simply trace, cut, glue and screw. For over two years now I've worked extensively in designing my products, you will be amazed! Check out the store at www.DiyConversions.com for the best Ford Transit Conversions you will find anywhere. In the coming few weeks I'll also have ready-to-install 12volts power packages to power up your entire camper. You will be bale to use fans, lights, plug in your computer, watch TV, plug in a fridge, microwave and countless other electronics/appliances. My modules will even allow you to convert your Ford Transit into an RV camper fully equipped with a private shower, and a sink to prep food with running water. Too good to be true? Thats what I'm all about. Raising the bar and setting new limits. All of this always staying true to my theme of "inexpensive, versatility, portability, and simplicity" I will also have ready -to-install "black-out" window kit units that can be installed and removed in seconds. This will provide you with the option of having 100% privacy when in camper mode or when using your Ford Transit as a work van. As always, I will have both the Diy Templates and the pre-cut units available with FREE shipping! Check it out www.DiyConversions.com Thank you and happy adventures!