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  1. Has anybody else experienced this? This morning, I started to close the passenger side cargo door and I heard "a funny noise" in the roller assembly at the top rear end of the door. A closer look and I could see that in the vertical roller, the plastic which wraps the roller had broken. Of course it is an assembly ($163.97) and back-ordered until sometime in June.
  2. semperkeith

    Camper Conversion

    There are several listed here like the one I used. It works fine. http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_kw=15+Amp+Power+Inlet+White+RV I installed it on the rear bumper.
  3. semperkeith

    Cargo area vent?

    I installed a Fantastic fan, the fan reverses, I have been real happy with it and despite some really heavy rains, no leaks. I have some photos of it here: http://www.semperkeith.com/jalbums/Transit%20Connect%20RV/slides/DSCF8825.html
  4. semperkeith

    My TC RV (almost done)

    I have used two different trailers, the first one was a Harbor Freight utility trailer married to a Sears Car Top Carrier. I put many miles on that combination but the second trailer I had was this one. It is a Harbor Freight "Tag a long" http://www.harborfreight.com/600-lb-capacity-78-inch-tag-along-trailer-66771.html A great trailer for the price. If you get one, find a coupon, usually you can find one that will get you at least 20 percent off. On mine, I added an extension to the back so I could carry more stuff and added a big LED strip so I wouldn't get ran into. I also found that if I ran more than 22 psi in the tires, the centers would wear out a lot faster than the rest of the tire. If you get any trailer from HF, be sure to pack the bearings because the amount of grease in them when they arrive is minimal. I liked the Tag a long the best, mainly because of how the lid hinged with gas shocks. Another suggestion if you are towing a little trailer is making a "chock block/fuel can carrier" the detailed instructions are at this link: http://www.semperkeith.com/projects/chalkblock.html Have fun, k
  5. semperkeith

    My TC RV (almost done)

    http://www.harborfreight.com/45-piece-threaded-insert-riveter-kit-1210.html I used one of these kits to install nuts where I needed them. Could be useful in installing a shelf. With this kit, sorry to say you can't buy the nuts separately but for the price of the entire kit, it is still worth it. This was my camping outfit before the TC
  6. semperkeith

    My TC RV (almost done)

    Great, I was planning on doing a real big road trip this year but things didn't gel. Maybe a trip to Coeur d'Alene, ID in Sept if I am lucky. I did manage to do three days of camping on the way to So-Cal and wow, it's pretty tight quarters but a lot better than when I traveled by Harley. The TC seems pretty luxurious compaired to the tent I had. Have fun, k
  7. semperkeith

    My TC RV (almost done)

    Great, keep us posted on your ideas with photos of course.
  8. I was quoted $280.00 here in Ca, so I think you faired well.
  9. semperkeith

    New additions to my Mini RV

    Hi all, the fan is great and according to my "electronics genius" brother, the fan has such a low draw, on low, it could probably run all night with still the ability to start. I will probably be buying one of those battery start packs just in case. The fan sucks and blows which is great, it also is useful in venting all the heat after being parked in the sun. I have more of photos of the whole project and the fan at semperkeith.com. Feel free to contact me via email with any questions. windguy, your welcome and thanks.
  10. I have just posted some new photos showing some of my latest additions to my TC RV. A sink, extra storage, shore power AC and screens. Take a look. Many more photos of this project at: http://www.semperkeith.com/ Now all I need is a trip and I have a couple in mind.
  11. semperkeith

    TC RV Conversion

    Photos of my RV Conversion
  12. semperkeith

    My TC RV (almost done)

    Thanks for the kind remarks, yep Bucks lake is nice but alas, the fish were not biting. Robert Lane - I bought it here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0050ZCNB4/ref=pe_385040_30332190_TE_M3T1_ST1_dp_1 $169.23 With Cal Tax. I saved some money on the purchase because I signed up for a trial run of Amazon Prime. I plan on dropping it before the trial period ends. Sorry, it is just the cheap in me. If you get one of these push bars, take special note of the instructions or you will end up fighting the install. As it was, I think my far left (drivers side) bolt is cross threaded, I couldn't get to properly thread, so I let it. One thing for sure, it's tight! I do like the look of it though. Cheers, Keith
  13. semperkeith

    My TC RV (almost done)

    Neat, my picture was taken at Bucks Lake, in the Sierra just west of Quincy CA.
  14. semperkeith

    My TC RV (almost done)

    Hello everyone, After gathering a lot of ideas from other TC owners all over, I launched on doing my own RV conversion. On my website I have 48 photos with descriptions. After clicking on a thumbnail, If the descriptions don't seem to show, click the little "i" in the circle on the menu bar at the top of the screen. http://semperkeith.com/jalbums/Transit%20Connect%20RV/index.html I still have the sink unit to do and some window screens but the end is near. I am looking forward to road tripping this summer.
  15. semperkeith

    TC Van BedRug Cargo Mat

    I am well along in a camper conversion and I ordered a bedrug and it fit perfectly, however, it probably would not stand up to heavy dolly work. It looks nice and a lot easier on the knees when I am crawling around.