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  1. bikinchris

    2010 XLT Cruise Control not working

    Try the wheel speed sensor first. You could hook an ohm meter and see if it pulses when you turn the rotor.
  2. bikinchris

    Top 5 Things About Your Transit Connect

    1. I love how it drives and handles. 2. The seats and position. On ling drives, I can get out without lots of pain. 3. Fuel economy. 30+mpg at 65mph 24mpg in mixed driving 4. I love the storage shelf above my head. 5. The low load floor. Bonus. Twice, I rented an 8 foot trailer from Uhaul. My van towed it very well.
  3. bikinchris

    WTB oversized mirrors for Gen 2 TC

    Thanks MRTN. When I was able to check, the mirrors were over $500. It seems to me, these mirrors should be included on the trailer towing package.
  4. bikinchris

    WISH LIST!!!!

    Well using my van as a mobile repair van, I would love some speakers mounted on the rear doors. And yes they are available from stereo shops, but some of us just like for it to come setup already and not cut holes into the van. One of the first things I did on my van when it came in was to use the sound deadening mats all over the inside of the rear. Of course, when I installed all of the tool boxes and shelving for parts boxes, it started to make noise again. But having the option of getting the inside of the work van covered in boom mat would also help insulation. As I said the sun really beats down on things around here even in winter.
  5. bikinchris

    WISH LIST!!!!

    This is my wish list for the next redesign of the TC van model. An owner/operator version. In years past, you could buy a work vehicle, but with the owner/operator option, it had much nicer interior. It's much more comfortable and less "industrial." A power point in the overhead shelf. A 110v outlet both in the rear and on the right side for laptops etc. a optional 5 way camera like the F150 has with hard drive. The windowless vans could use this! You can mount the screen to view the area around the van where the rear view mirror would be. It also helps in crashes to prove who was wrong. A place for business cards in the dash. With ALL THAT SPACE, they could find a place to hold business cards, right? A place to hold clipboards in that cavernous dashboard. The European version of the TC has a door above the drivers side dash which can be used to store things. I want that! I'm sure that people who live in cold climates would like an AWD version. I want a solar powered vent for the back of my van. The 135+ degree heat under our Louisiana sun is VERY hard on cargo and chemicals. At least a powered vent would lower that temperature by 30F Please add your own!
  6. I agree. That's not factory. No noises when unlocking my Transit Connect. The only time there are (horn) noises is if you hit the lock button twice, or if a door is not closed when you lock it.
  7. I think the stock mirrors installed in the TC van without windows is way too small. The newer vans have a much larger mirrors available and I am hoping the local junk yard gets a van in with the larger mirrors. Those mirrors have a wide angle mirror the entire width of the mirror. It might solve your problem.
  8. Yes, I have a few drips that came down mostly on the right side in front of the passenger side. I notified the dealer so they could write it down and have the windshield resealed under warranty.
  9. If you have factory fog lights they can become cornering lights. You have to use the correct switch configuration. Every time I have someone park my van, they mess with the light switch and sometimes the fog switch. So I have to play with it to get it back.
  10. Yes, photo of seat please. I find my XLT cloth seats very comfortable. I am 6 foot and yes, overweight.
  11. Some of you may be aware of the recent flooding here in Louisiana. Well, my windshield is leaking from the top edge. Not BADLY, but enough to make the windshield dirty. Has anyone experienced this?
  12. bikinchris

    TC 1/43 company vehicle replica...

    I like that!
  13. SO if you want 4x8 I guess you are asking about carrying sheetrock or plywood sheets. I think the safest way would be to get a ladder rack for the roof. You can get cages and platforms that allow you to tie them down safely.
  14. Yes, Thule and Yakima both make clamp on rack systems.
  15. bikinchris

    WTB oversized mirrors for Gen 2 TC

    This is what the mirrors look like.