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  1. Its been 2 days of driving since my oil change and asking the dealer to look into my shifting issues, and I must say my transit shifts as smooth as silk, did they do something, add fluid, reset ECU?? Also since I installed my Hankook snow tires, the ride is smoother, and quieter.
  2. bx77

    Bought a Transit Connect in November

    Good luck and welcome!
  3. Must be all Highway, I start looking for a gas station @ 200 miles, We also have 2 brand new Nissan's NV200 and they get about the same.
  4. The MPG is not great, but it only has 4K. Still has to break in a bit. $ 24.95 is not bad deal , black when clean is great. Mine shines for about a day
  5. 17K + , in 2 months, I would guess a lot of Highway driving? Mine is all NYC stop and go, ncranchero, I like your blacked out van! My Subaru is like that.
  6. Waiting on these items also, if you hear anything please post them
  7. Haven't checked for fluid leaking ( I will do this first chance I get in daylight) I have 4000 miles so far
  8. Mine went in for the recall, first oil change, and please check the transmission sometimes it shifts weird. Got it back and they said transmission shifts normal and fluid level was full, naturally that's what I thought they would say. Maybe it's just me but it seemed to shift better
  9. All city, stop and go. Not crazy about the MPG, But I will give it some time, because I only have 3600 miles. I guess I will jack up the van and take a look before I bring in.
  10. Never went, just got my recall so I will set up to do both, Are you in the NYC area? I not sure which dealer to go to. City World, Rye Ford,??
  11. No Manhattan Ford, they gave us the best price I think they were liquidating their inventory. I went to 5 dealers and they beat everyone's number