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  1. Drfeelgood

    Rear Floor Mats

    Dollar store door mats! I did my whole wagon for $6.00.
  2. Drfeelgood

    Motorcycle hitch hauler

    Thanks GBL! I'm gonna check it out.
  3. Drfeelgood

    Motorcycle hitch hauler

    Thanks GBL! Excellent info. To know. Looks like a small trailer might be a better/safer alternative.
  4. I have a 2014 LWB and would like to install a hitch and motorcycle hitch hauler. The bike weighs approx. 450lbs. And hitch hauler is 125lbs. Manufacturer says I need a class 3 hitch. Anybody ever done this? Wondering about rear suspension mods that might be needed? Any info.appreciated-please chime in with thoughts.
  5. Drfeelgood

    Middle row stuck, down

    I just purchased a used 2014 TC LWB Wagon. When the salesman tried to unfold the middle seat (it was in the folded down position) it would not release. I tried it, another salesman tried it with no luck! They replaced the entire rear seat frame under warranty. I take delivery tomorrow so I'll check it out for sure. Makes me think there might be a faulty seat frame at assembly?
  6. Drfeelgood

    Welcome, Drfeelgood

    Hello All, I'm a retired educator. Vintage motorcycle enthusiast and all around motor sports fan. Just bought a used 2014 XLT LB Wagon. I was looking for a cargo van but this one was a good deal. Stumbled upon this forum and very pleased to see so much info. I'll be asking about hitch motorcycle carriers and replacing rear seats with one fold up. Look forward to sharing with you all!