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  1. Dear Forum, My neighbour has a Ford Transit Connect van that he uses to get to work. He's a nice, very hard-working bloke who gets up very early to leave for work, sometimes leaving around 3.45am or 4.30am. Plus, he and his wife have always been really good neighbours so I don't want to offend him, but... When he unlocks his van it beeps really loudly twice. During the quiet hours of the night, this sound is very loud, which is not a problem during the winter when windows are shut but is becoming a problem now that we are leaving our bedroom window open a little during the night. As I said, he's a lovely guy and I don't want to seem like I'm nagging when I talk to him about the anti-social sound - I would rather help him sort out the problem than just moan and point fingers as some would. So, is there any way to stop the annoying double-beep when he unlocks the van's doors? Or is he doing something wrong, such as pressing the key fob twice when once would be enough to lock and unlock the van? Thanks in advance for helping. Mark