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  1. So I bought my 2010 Transit,It came with 1 key and fob. I go to my local Ford dealer "Preston Ford in Burton Ohio" Fob is sold seperate of the key. Anyways,from what I heard I got off cheap. 149.00 to buy the fob and key and have everything reprogrammed. Oh well thus is life!
  2. cruisinkruty

    2010 Stig approved TC

    2010 Transit connect,Stig approved
  3. cruisinkruty

    Transmission fluid change

    2010 Transit connect. It is at 41000miles and I changed the trans filter and fluid today. Used a Napa filter and gasket kit $21.00. Worth every penny as the gasket lays nice and flat and is easy to install. Used Valvoline full syntetic Dex/Mercon LV fluid at 6.29 a quart! Egad man I remember when trans fluid was 59 cents a quart! WTF? Anyway I took the 20 8mm head bolts out of the pan. The pan is originally installed with rtv and no gasket. I had to carefully slide a thin putty knife in between the pan and trans case to get it unstuck. Thoroughly cleaned the pan and magnet inside. Wire brushed the od rtv off the pan,its silver in color and not much at all was on there. Installed the filter,gasket and pan. Put never sieze compound on all the bolt threads to insure they are removable in the future. Added just a wee bit more than 3 quarts to put it at the full level. Super EZ job.
  4. cruisinkruty

    Front Wheel Bearings

    Seeing how the focus shares the same drive train....My wifes 2007 Focus fried a wheel bearing at 22000 miles. I replaced it myself as I have a lift and a press. There is a wide range of bearing choices. I bought Timkens only to find they are reboxed chinese made bearings"I was pissed". This type of wheel bearing is also used in toyota Corollas. It is extremely light duty. Watch what you buy and take your time installing them so as not to damage the bearing on install into the knuckle. The problem is manufacturers of the bearing do not install enough grease into the bearing.In time it migrates away from the balls and then they are not lubricated properly. I wonder if a prick needle grease gun attachment could be used to put more grease into a new bearing before it is installed and then sealing up the tiny hole created with high temp rtv....just thinking out loud here mind you.
  5. cruisinkruty

    Operation Adventure Transit

    Powdercoat the wheels an obscene color for real effect!
  6. cruisinkruty

    New owner 2010 TC Hello!

    Hey folks,new owner of a 2010TC XLT