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  1. Wife checked it and said it's always been that way. Maybe I never noticed it until I was looking for something?
  2. Hi, I just replaced my steering pump and rack myself. Put it back together and I now have steering play like you describe. Everything from the intermediate shaft down is tight. I'll have to start checking above. I can see where something would come loose when wrestling out the rack. Where is this white colored guard you speak of?
  3. Was there ever an official recall or service bulletin on this issue. I think my TC might have it. I need to check if this is the specific issue.
  4. zepper

    Turbocharged Transit Connect powered by FSWerks

    Didn't the first boosted motor grenade with stock internals?
  5. zepper

    Front Wheel Bearings

    Front RH wheel bearing replaced under warranty. The cab is 'quiet' once again.
  6. zepper

    Front Wheel Bearings

    Thanks 103West. So people must be getting these good willed. I am hoping I will be able to as my transit has less than 25k on it and is still under warranty.
  7. zepper

    UK mirror installed on my US Transit Connect

    Thats great info! I didn't think of the mirror glass issue. If I go that way I'll order them from France. Je parle un peu de francais, they drive on the right side of the road.
  8. zepper

    Front Wheel Bearings

    Actually members Stimr2, Z71Mudder, hogrider03, bikesag have all had wheel bearings replaced under warranty. So maybe your Euro-spec van is the exception to the rule? Can someone with a U.S. spec van weigh in? I am looking to determine if the dealer listed a technical service bulletin number on the repair order or if the replacement was goodwill or what? Thanks All.
  9. zepper

    Front Wheel Bearings

    Bump. I am still looking for some info..
  10. zepper

    UK mirror installed on my US Transit Connect

    So who did you order these through? I was thinking about doing it through Ebay but I was unsure if it would bolt on or if there was a different mounting plate installed on UK transits? So it popped right into the US mirror plate? I have power mirrors I wonder if the harness would plug in?
  11. zepper

    Weather Stripping Fell Off

    Fix was good....and there is no longer any wind noise from the top of the door like there was after the last time they fixed it!
  12. Hey all is there a TSB or recall on front wheel bearings? I suspect mine are shot. Vibrations are getting louder in the front at 25k miles. I just wanted a bulletin number or some ammo to take into the dealer. Thanks...
  13. zepper

    3 WAY Speakers

    The 3-way speakers made a HUGE difference! Thanks Tranzy. I notice that they are much more clear at the higher volumes needed at highway speeds.
  14. zepper

    Radio and speaker replacement

    Never mind, it was super easy. The 3 way speakers made a huge difference! I am impressed, the sound quality at higher speeds, where the volume has to be louder to combat road noise, is much improved! Highly recommend to anyone who wants to upgrade their sound system for less than $55.
  15. zepper

    Operation Adventure Transit

    What happened to those rally wheels bro?