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  1. Tranzy

    orgin of nationality

    The same 2.0 was also built in Mexico for the North American Ford Focus. But are TC engines are built in Spain. Parts are interchangeable.
  2. Tranzy

    Camper Conversion

    Hawaiian Transit Traveler. Wow, you came to Windsor? I live 30 km from Windsor. Glad you had a good time. Anyway, the 12 volt microwave works great for most any thing you would normally cook in a regular 1000 watt microwave, except it takes twice as long using 12 volt. For best results, run the engine when using your 12 volt microwave. Saves the battery. Best wishes from Canada.
  3. Just checked out the web site you posted. These mirrors will work with all North American Transit Connects. I live in Canada, and I see a lot of Canada post ( mail trucks) TC's with these mirrors. I looked at it close up, and they look great. Hope this helps.
  4. Tranzy

    Camper Conversion

    I would recommend the 12v microwave oven, called the wavebox. I have one my self, and it works great.
  5. Tranzy

    The Long Wait

    Wow...I waited 6 month, and I thought that was long! You might as well get a 2013 model? lol.
  6. Tranzy

    Backup / reverse problem

    Hello, never had this happen to my TC. But it happened to me once in my 2008 Ford Focus when it was new . I beleave it is the same engine and automatic transmission.Only happened once and never happened again. Must be a fluke thing. Hope this helps. Tranzy.
  7. I have seen them on the U.K. Web sites listed under Ford Tourneo Connect. Also try eBay UK and type in Ford Tourneo Connect. Once in a while they list some for sale. Good luck.
  8. What a bargain! 4 for the price of 1 wheel cover. I just priced one in Canada @ $ 77.00 each?
  9. Tranzy

    3 WAY Speakers

    Sorry, I don't recall what model speakers, but they are 5 1/4 inch, 3 way, low profile, tons of room behind them. I beleave I bought them at best buy. Hope this is helpful.
  10. Tranzy

    3 WAY Speakers

    The sound is much better.
  11. Tranzy

    3 WAY Speakers

    Yes, the stock grills fit perfectly over the 3 ways.
  12. Tranzy

    Disable passenger airbag?

    Better to take it to the dealer, I am sure they will have to re-program the computer modular to accept the new codes, if you decide to deactivate them.
  13. Tranzy

    Wheel covers from fordpartsuk.com

    Lug nuts have not changed on the 2012 TC.
  14. Tranzy

    Accessory Delay does not work?

    After you turn off the key, the windows will not work, but if you push the radio button, the radio will turn on for 10 minutes. Same said if you turn the key to accessory, the windows will not work, and the radio will. If you turn the key on all the way, without starting the vehicle, you have full power to the windows and the radio.
  15. Tranzy

    Accessory Delay does not work?

    I also have a 2012. The radio will stay on for 10 minutes, and the windows won't work, unless I turn the key. Hope this helps.