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  1. 2010 Ford OEM Transit Connect wiring manual, the real McCoy $10.00 plus Media Mail of $5.00 48 states Willing to consider shipping to other places [ AK, HI, even Canada] but the cost of shipping will increase E mail me at msircg at gmail dot com [ Email only please] Personal check only I am a radio amateur that is the Board Secretary for two radio clubs and my picture is on the Web, so I have a reputation to protect, I will give references
  2. Go to another Ford dealer, preferably larger Ask the service manage if they can add cruise control using OEM components This after market kit will be just fine until it conks out, then Ford service will say "we cannot fix it as it is not Ford"
  3. The after market version of the cruise control: Is that available from Ford? If yes then that would be the way to go I had a 2004 Focus wagon and they added the cruise control by the Ford dealership
  4. Mikeeshaq

    thank you ford NOT!

    What went to the moon had less computing power than today's vehicles. I am an 'old school ' electronic technician and today's electronics (surface mount) simply is not repaired anymore, unless it is military hardware.
  5. Thats right FREE Except I am in the the Houston area and I will NOT ship (do not even ask) They are in my garage If you want the seat belt mechanisms for the 3rd row seats, you will have to unbolt them yourself. Be sure to bring the usual socket set and Torx bits. You cannot damage the plastic panels in removing the mechanism. My vehicle is a 2015 LWB wagon E mail me at msircg at gmail dot com
  6. Do not be surprised if you find out that you have to get the ECM programmed to accept the cruise control Of course you have to go to a Ford dealership that has invested perhaps up to $5000 for an ECM programmer Most important such a dealership needs to have a sharp technician
  7. I have now a 2015 Transit Conjnect the 2010 manuals are useless for me
  8. For sale LOCAL PICK UP ONLY Houston area 2010 Wiring Diagrams AND Workshop Manual These are real Ford publications. $50 or best offer. Sell as a set only. Cash only E mail msircg at gmail dot com SOLD
  9. Mikeeshaq

    Please help KEY CODE

    Talk to service parts, have them contact Rotunda I had lockable roof bars on my Transit Connect and I wanted spare keys for the roof bar locks They contacted Rotunda and the reply was to go to Thule and I got spare keys. If that don't work then visit another dealer ship for their service/parts department
  10. Mikeeshaq

    Flash Your Lights !

    Illegal to flash lights in Texas
  11. Mikeeshaq

    Things to check before buying a used Transit

    My 2010 TC went 100,000 miles + no tranny issues at all
  12. 2015 Wagon I had the hitch installed by the dealer third party agent - I forgot the name One thing though, to get the spare tire out, a jack has to be put on to raise the ground clearance to slide the tire out The four bolts are loose and how the bolts are fitted, I thing long slender springs are screwed onto the bolts and the springs are threaded thru the hole, then the spring is removed and the nut screwed on while holding the bolt. The bolt head is completetly inaccessable
  13. Now I am more confused than ever This year [maybe earlier] Ford has brought out the Transit , which is far larger than the Transit Connect The OP talks about 'Transit' does the OP mean the Transit Connect?
  14. I viewed a video of installing 'threaded inserts' after first drilling out [enlarging] the holes and there was a drill stop on the drill so the drill would not touch the airbag stuff. Since yours is a wagon and not a van, what may be going on is that the van does not have top sided air bags mounted past the first row, where as the wagon has top sided air bags mounted in the second row as well owner of a 2015 LWB wagon previous owner of a 2010 TC