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  1. kndlkstms

    Flash Your Lights !

    What !!! Really ??? Texas ??? Well shoot your gun then !!
  2. kndlkstms

    Taping into the central juntion box

    I got to thinking . What other euro vehicles might have similar terminals ? How about Jaguar , ford related . And Volvo ??? If the wheels interchange why not the wiring ??
  3. kndlkstms

    Customer Access Circuits

    I got as far as I needed to go for now. Spliced into big wires behind CJB like factory ( big wire from BJB - spiders across CJB to feed fused circuits) fed them thru open relay hole up to feed relays that would be activated by " Customer Access Circuits " . Used the red-blue stripe wire (battery saver relay that I added to the CJB) to trigger an USB power supply . Battery saver turns off the circuit after 30 minutes , perfect ! Open a door start the clock again . Just what I wanted . Put another relay up there while I was at it . Those 2 wires from the "spiders" are battery hot and start/run hot , ready for the next gizmo . When I can get an Used CJB with wires and terms to salvage then I'll install the fuses in the CJB instead of dangling in front of the CJB .
  4. kndlkstms

    Things to check before buying a used Transit

    A little late for this thread but .....transmissions go bad around 60K . I think the story goes Over drive clutch pressure isn't strong enough to hold 100%. Causes excessive wear from slippage. Fix is overhaul trans , reprogram for a few more PSI in trans.
  5. kndlkstms

    Rattle over left rear sliding door

    Our 2012 has that noise too . Sounds like a loose wiring harness or some "wrapped" or other "soft" item banging around .Upper door , roof area , B pillar ? I wonder if there's a TSB about that . We get an wind noise from the roof rack above 45 mph that need fixing , and then the rattle. Fords TSB program is pretty good with these kinds of problems , but the customer has to make a "stink" to get them resolved .
  6. kndlkstms

    Installing a sub .... Question!

    Just for laughs , see if y'all have the "Customer Access Circuits" wires in your harness . I was surprised to find all 5 wires in our 2012 . pics/links elseware on this forum .
  7. kndlkstms

    added subwoofer to system

    Duh , a line converter ?? I'm a little old fool , i mean old school . WTF ? Got a sub under the drivers seat , connects to the computer in the rear , parked for work. Tell me about a "line converter" ?
  8. kndlkstms

    Electrical Question/ New Member

    Nothing like a SPARK to let the magic smoke out !!!
  9. kndlkstms

    Are US transit connects shorter in 2014?

    Ford always comes up "short". 20 horsepower everywhere , 6 inches after the rear wheels 2010-2013 TC , height 2014-5-6? TC , etc . But the GT .... short production run ?!?!?
  10. kndlkstms

    Customer Access Circuits

    Oh yeah , and that's the box I really don't need . Got the "add-a-fuse" for now ,strung a 4 wire "Trailer Ribbon" inside under the dash door to door(just in case), tapped into battery "hot" and "key hot" behind the CJB to feed the "Customer Access Circuits" generic relays I might need later. Speaking of later,,,,,the across dash, door to door steel tube structure has punched holes . i see places for generic relays to go with the " customer access circuits" wire ends , visible after the headlight switch is removed. PS.... there is a D shaped "cover" on the side of the dash panel . Pops right out . Great access to a volume of "free " space for customer "stuff".
  11. kndlkstms

    Rear storage

    Sweet Job , well done. I've seen commercially made "low" drawers for Pick-up beds and maybe TC's too.
  12. kndlkstms

    Flash Your Lights !

    Don't worry , They won't notice , they're heads are down playing with they're P H O N E S . Just don't let them hit you . This is just for ....us. The ones,,,, in the KNOW.
  13. kndlkstms

    Flash Your Lights !

    Flash your lites at passing TCs ! It's hip ! I tried to get the movement going back in August 2009 when I got mine . Then there wasn't too many around . I have got a few flashes since but hey! lets get er going !! Flash your brethren !!!
  14. kndlkstms

    Generation Specific

    I suggest when posting we mention what year each of us are working with. There are huge differences in the generations and even year to year . Might make responses more valid .
  15. kndlkstms

    Customer Access Circuits

    Hey Don , thanks for the flip-flop. The more I read / see of the 2014/15 TCs the more I think the two generations are completely different , only sharing the name . I unbolted the CJB and turned it around to see the pretty colored spaghetti mess ( this is were I found all the wires for the Customer Access ) . This 2012 has the feed wires spliced to feed the fuses like most in the past years, not the new hotness feed "bars" like yours . I suspect Ford has mated just enough wire to feed the load at the end. Little wire , little bulb. Bigger bulb , bigger wire .Saving weight . The wiring harness is now 13 lbs lighter and now we need 48 lbs of GEMs and relays to turn on a blinker ???? I've wanted to put in a switched dome lite in the rear of both of our 1st gen TCs but I'm afraid to mess with the GEMs . I'm still thinking 'bout it though . I can see better in your picture the wire terms , they are just like the ones I pulled from an old harness I had . I even dug out some double female ones - no wire ? Good idea to post an "For Sale" for those spares , some of this stuff near impossible to find . For now I'm going to get a minifuse tap thingy for the front of the box , until I can get a salvaged 1st gen fuse box .