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    added subwoofer to system

    Was tired of spending half my day in the transit and not having a good sound system. Since its a company vehicle, I dont want to/cant change the head unit, so I used a line converter, and added a 13 inch power acoustik slim mount subwoofer in a sealed box to the stock radio. I powered it with a 400 wat amp under my seat( sub is able to hold 700 watts). Since I have the bulkhead right behind my seat seperating the cargo area from the from cab area, it had to be a slim line sub. The box the sub is in is only like 6.5 inches wide at the base and 3.5 at the top. It fits pretty good, and allows still some leg room in the passenger seat area, should some one have to ride with me. I have some system tweaking to do, but it sounds really good so far. I'm really impressed with the sound now. I'm sure with a bigger amp t will rattle the truck no problem but with the amp I have, it does quite well to fill the interior with mirror shaking bass. I am still considering upgrading the stock 5.25 inch door speakers with something better, but am going to hold off for now.
  2. I hooked my Sirius radio up. And in all my other vehicles, when choosing a FM station that's not used, I get great reception through them with very little or no static. When I hooked it up in my transit to the 6000 CD radio, I get all kind of static and bleed through. No matter what channel I am on. I usually use one like 90.5 or 90.9 or whatever, and its great and clear. But with the transit, I get static all the time. I have moved the Sirius radio location and it doesnt help. The only thing i have noticed is when i have my hand directly on the Sirius radio it clears right up. I know its using my body as like a extended antenna. So, Whee is a good place to put this radio and make it work well?
  3. Hvac SuperTech

    not too shabby!

    I don't think theres a drawer there, but I'll check again.
  4. I have an xlt TC with the 6000 CD radio. It has a button marked with a phone that mutes the sound only, I thought I had the Bluetooth capability. Scrolling through the advanced options, I only see"clip on or clip off" available. So do I have the Bluetooth option or not?
  5. Im a service tech for a heating and air company in NC. I used to have a full size Chevy express van, lots of space inside it. I carry lots of stuff that probably shouldnt be on my van, but I have it for those just in case I need it situations. I am still swapping stuff into the TC. I have lots of things that wont carry over from the van due to space. You definately have ot be creative on the organization of things. I carry lots of truck stock, so that takes up room, and then I have all my tools and such. I will post pictures once I get everything worked out next week. I like driving it. Its easy to manuever, and feels like a car really. Mileage on my first tank was right at 21. I probably have 500+ pounds of cargo though. Im sure that will go up a little once the motor loosens up. I have a little over 300 miles on it now. I have the xlt version, which I like. I don't have the Bluetooth on the radio, but wish I did. I wasn't in charge of ordering it. I am glad they got me one with power windows and locks and key less entry. My ladder rack is going to take some getting used to. It doesn't want to latch on to my 8 foot step ladder. I haven't put my 28 foot extension ladder on it yet. I will probably trade that out with one of the other techs for a 20 footer or a 24 footer. Seats are pretty comfortable. Sound system is decent with only the two speakers. I have a divider between me and the cargo area so it keeps the sound up front. Heater is good, and the divider helps with that also, there less blnd spots on this than a typical van. And with me having no windows in the back at all, it is really nice not to have to worry as much about blind spots I am trying to figure out what to do in the passenger area. I have several books, manuals and such to keep. I was thinking overhead in the storage area up there. There is possibility of the epassenger floorboard area, and seat areas. Will be contemplating this. Overall i like it alot. I am going from a lot bigger van with 170k miles on it and it had some issues. Brand new vehicle is sure nice. Nice to see aft 10 years, I have paid my dues. Lol
  6. Hvac SuperTech

    My new center console!

    That is super slick there! I love the workmanship! I am in the heating and air field and I too had a full size Chevy express van, and they bought me a transit. Other than space loss, I dont mind it. I am looking into something like this for my manuals, files and such,