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  1. Hey what dash mat do you have in your TC?  I'm looking to buy one.

  2. Boomerweps

    Tie Down ?

    Yup, tow recovery loop. Didn't come standard after 2013. Has a left hand square edge thread so you must buy a Ford one for the 2014 and after. Cost about $30 USD. Don't lose it! It screws into the bumper after you remove the 1" round plug, easy to see in the face of the front and rear bumper. Will not work with the 2014+ rear bumper with factory tow hitch receiver since that is inset up into the bumper.
  3. Boomerweps

    what seats will fit?

    I use a gel pad from Walmart.
  4. Beautiful! except where are the cargo doors?
  5. Could I trouble you to list the Yakima part numbers?
  6. Boomerweps

    Excited owner of new to me 2014 Transit Connect XLT (SWB) wagon

    The SWB even with the 2.5 handles and drives like a sports car. A noticeable difference when I traded mine in for a LWB. While I appreciate the extra room, it was the only reason I traded my 2014 for a 2017. I miss the 2014 and should have just kept it ;( My wife complained about the loss of power, especially on the last trip, our second, driving PA to UT and back. Using the select shift gearing was a must on that trip with the LWB.
  7. Boomerweps

    General Grabber AT2 upgrade

    Yeah, WalMart is a PITA when it comes to tires. They did not want to mount winter tires on my old RX7 without mounting them on all four tires. I brought them the tires and wheels by themselves and they mounted them.
  8. Haven't checked this topic for a while due to illness and family visits (redundant?). Great ideas. I'll investigate the hinge rod bulge solution, easy to pack away and still be quickly available while shopping. If I can find it, I'll use some kind of scrap plastic vice metal if I can. I do have some PA gear rack mounts I could use for this if I go metal.
  9. Thanks, Windguy. I thought I remembered you doing this but the search wouldn't find it for me. Yup, a little crude looking on the close up But effective. Being able to throw a tarp over that makes for a great standup changing area, too. I had a thought today about using a rubber or plastic trailer wheel chock in the hinge area. It's a pretty big gap, might have to design my own. These would take up less space than a two door spanning bar like you have, unless I could make the bar a folding version. I have more storage concerns because I have the passenger van (or as Ford calls it, the wagon) The driver's side door is the one I have the most problems with.
  10. Much as I prefer and love the rear cargo doors, I've had it with them slamming into me when loading groceries. In the past it really only happened occasionally at one particular store where we usually only bought a couple bags worth of stuff. But yesterday I got slammed three times while loading a large purchase at Sam's club. I was swearing up a storm, had to have my wife hold the door open. Wouldn't even work in the 180 degree position. We had three carts full of stuff. So I'm looking at making some kind of prop to hold the doors open at the 90 degree position. Anybody already have something similar?
  11. Boomerweps

    Hazard warning wire colors

    Where did police use a 2010 Transit Connect? Is it cargo or prison transport?
  12. Boomerweps

    Picked mine up!

    Excellent choice for a working musician. I ended up buying a 4pc folding 6' ramp so I can roll a RockNRoller R6 cart right up in, used to be able to roll in my R16, too, but when I upgraded from a 2014 SWB to a 2017 LWB passenger wagon,, I lost a few inches in height due to the permanently mounted fold down seats. I've hauled my PA a few times with plenty of room to spare. Cant see, did you get the cargo doors in the back? I had to hunt for my passenger wagon with cargo doors, hatches need not apply.
  13. Next Amazon order, I'm getting me some
  14. Boomerweps

    My Wonder Bread van

    SWEET! My wife did not want the bread truck look but I liked it. Hence, we have a black TC I traded a 2014 XLT SWB for a 2017 XLT LWB and there are few differences. I was really happy with the 2014 but wanted the extra length.
  15. Measure your windows including the smaller front door one. Those doors are huge and I did not find (a couple months ago) any of the drop over the door screens that would fit a TC front door. The back doors have the same problem ;( I considered making my own but need to find the screen material at a decent price. What I did was get plastic with screens rain gutter guards from Home Depot and cut them to fit the roll down back windows since the glass has minimal curve, unlike the front windows. Saw it on a Utube that some van dweller did. Pics are in another thread here.