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  1. phollenback


    Hi folks, I've been playing with Forscan on my 2018 TC (specifically to disable approach lights). I wrote up a complete tutorial on my website. I'm just learning Forscan so I'm sure I have some small details wrong, but hopefully that will help others.
  2. Hey folks, I got my complete guide to turning off approach lights written. It covers all the steps I followed to turn off the approach lights on my 2018 TC Wagon. I tried to be extremely comprehensive with the instructions so I hope it's useful for others. Feedback or more details appreciated.
  3. I was able to change the setting on my own, using Forscan. I am working on producing a detailed instruction sheet for it.
  4. Ha I have plenty of computers, just none that run windows - and forscan only works on windows. I will supply a full writeup.
  5. I took my 2018 Wagon to the local dealer (Serramonte Ford, Colma CA) today and requested they disable the approach lights on door open. I supplied them with the the technical bulletin SSM-46321. They took the vehicle and told me they would try to change the setting. A couple hours later, I got a call back that they couldn't do it. When I asked about SSM-46321, they said it didn't apply because my vehicle is a 2018. They couldn't find any way to change the setting. I'm not clear how hard they really tried. The instructions seem pretty clear to me. Either that setting does not exist in 2018 TCs, or they just couldn't figure it out. They were nice about it so I assume they attempted something... Anyway, I've ordered an obd2 scanner and a windows laptop. Once I get those I will attempt to change the setting in the BCM myself via Forscan. I will report back here, and write up a complete howto if I am successful.
  6. phollenback

    Courtesy mirror in driver's visor

    My 2018 XL Wagon has no vanity mirrors on either sun visor. I was kind of surprised it was possible to even get a new vehicle without at least a passenger side vanity mirror. Since my wife needs to check her makeup and using the rearview mirror sucks, I got one of these clip-on mirrors. Works fine, but it is kind of bulky. I suppose the best solution would be to figure out how to order a replacement sun visor for an XLT or a Titanium, since those do have vanity mirrors.
  7. If you're in the US, check out rerack.com. I've ordered rack systems and parts from them a number of times. They are extremely good at figuring out exactly which parts fit which vehicles. Disclaimer: I have no relationship to that company, I've just been happy with their service.
  8. I read somewhere that due to how import tariffs work, TCs are imported in to the US as passenger wagons and converted to cargo vans. Anyone know if there's any truth to that?
  9. Hey what dash mat do you have in your TC?  I'm looking to buy one.

  10. phollenback

    Floor liner ideas 2012 TC

    I just ordered a 4x10 roll of this plyometric rubber for $120 delivered. I realize that's a lot more expensive than you were probably looking for, but I wanted something that was waterproof and provided some cushion. I have a lwb wagon and I'm going to cut it to fit in two pieces - one for when both back rows of seats are down, and one for when just the third row is down.