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  1. petermbooth

    Doors/lights connection

    I wanted to update this thread in case others come here looking for this solution. The site posted by phollenback was THE answer! I did the whole process and encountered a few small hiccups that I was able to navigate. Here are my notes: Issue: At the very beginning when I hit Connect to connect the computer and then van, I got a message "No ELM found. Please check connection and try again". Solution: I went into Settings (big gear on the left), chose Connection in the Tabs above and switched from Auto to wifi...no luck. Then I switched to COM and they connected. So I had to tell the software that the computer and van were talking through my USB port. Issue: Then down the road a bit, when the software went to download the driver from the internet, it didn't work. Kept loading 2% and then kicking out the message "Loading SBL failed". Solution: On a whim I went back to Settings--> Connection and put it back to wifi. Re-ran the procedure and BOOM down from the internet everything came. Everything else worked from that point forward.
  2. petermbooth

    Doors/lights connection

    THANK YOU!!!
  3. petermbooth

    Doors/lights connection

    I've got a 2018 TC Cargo model and when any door is opened, the exterior lights illuminate (and the interior lights also). I am planning on doing some camping which will include a tent that will be connected to my van. So the rear doors will be open for several days. This means a bunch of the lights will be on for several days. Is there a way to turn off the "doors open = lights on" feature of the Transit Connect?
  4. petermbooth

    Open door = dead battery!?!?

    Sorry for the lack of info. It's a 2018 Cargo LWB. I bought it in November, so the van (and battery are less than a year old.) Is there a way to modulate (or turn off) the brightness of the dome lights in the back of the van? There's a switch on the light in front, but I can't find a way to turn down/off the rear lights when a door is open. Likewise, I'm looking for a way to turn off the outer parking lights when a door is open. Anyone have any ideas on how to do that?
  5. petermbooth

    Open door = dead battery!?!?

    I went to a motocross race yesterday and at the end of the day my FTC (Cargo) battery was dead. The doors were open quite a bit throughout the day. Im surprised that this killed the battery as I have left the doors open for a day while in the race pits and have never had this problem before. I'm wondering (a) does it make sense to others that having the doors open all day would kill the battery? (b) is there something else I may have done yesterday that may have killed the battery or (c) is there a way to disable the dome lights if this is what killed my battery?
  6. petermbooth

    Fan becomes LOUD at 3 and 4

    Well, suddenly it just stopped. Thrumming sound and vibrations are gone. No idea what it was (brand new van with <1,000 miles.) Happy it's gone though. Thanks for all the ideas.
  7. petermbooth

    New guy looking for ideas on rear seating

    So not to be an idiot (I just know NOTHING about these vans and the different configurations they come in) would these seats mount directly onto the floor of my van? I would be mounting them in the "way back" by the cargo doors, not up close just behind the driver/passenger seats) https://www.ebay.com/itm/15-18-FORD-TRANSIT-CONNECT-BLACK-CLOTH-SECOND-ROW-SEAT-NEW-3-PERSON-SEAT/163421479308?hash=item260cade18c:g:RP4AAOSwAOxbsbgK
  8. petermbooth

    License plate mount

    I have a brand new 2018 TC and I'm putting on the new license plate (replacing the temp one from the dealership). One of the screws that hold the plate on is spinning along with it's insert so that the screw can't come out. I opened up the back side (inside) panel of the door so I could grip the insert shaft get the screw to spin out. Unfortunely, behind the wood panel in the back door is a tight plastic gasket type of plate. I could easily remove it or punch through it but I wanted to see if someone here could tell me what its for (I'm thinking insulation) and how bad it would be to remove it or slice a small slit to allow a pair of plyers to get through to hold the insert. (I've attached a photo of the plastic covering I'm talking about) IMG_9069.HEIC
  9. petermbooth

    Fan becomes LOUD at 3 and 4

    Hi all, I'm a new Transit Connect owner and I'm trying to figure out if there's a problem with my fan. When the van is turned to 0,1, or 2, it makes almost NO sound. When I turn it to 3, however, it feels like a new/different fan kicks in and it is very loud and actually vibrates the steering wheel. And it makes a low thrumming noise (almost like the fan itself is maybe vibrating on its mount) I'm wondering if this is just normal for these vans. (2018 TC Cargo with the long wheelbase) I don't wan't to take it to Ford to have it repaired if they're just going to say, "That's what these things sound like"
  10. petermbooth

    New guy looking for ideas on rear seating

    Thanks for all the responses everyone. I bought the cargo van rather than the passenger because I need as much height as I can get. My dirtbike is 48" tall and I'm hoping the 49" roof of the cargo van will allow me to put the bike in the van. My racebike (I roadrace with the USCRA -- United States Classic Racing Association) will definitely fit as it's a 1979 Suzuku T500 and not too tall. (I'll try to attach a photo here.) Because the TC stock seats require getting down below the "false" floor (as people have shown in the photos above) I'm hoping to mount a single bench seat directly to the false floor. Needing to get down below the false floor every time i want to put the seats in/out seems like a pain in the neck. My dream is to find a basic bench seat that I can mount to the false floor with four bolts. I'd need to create four threaded holes in the floor for the seat to mount to. Here's an example of what I'm looking for: a selfcontained mountable bench with seatbelts built in. Unfortunately, this one is only available in the UK. 😞
  11. Hi there, As a part of my transition from Dad/Family Van (Honda Odyssey) to Motorcycle Racer Van I talked my wife into letting me get a 2018 TC XL (long wheelbase). I race motorcycles and so I needed a long open-space van for transporting bikes. I live in the Northeast so racing only happens April - September. My hope is to find some type of removable bench seat that I can put in the back of the cargo van for my one remaining kiddo. It would be in the back permanently through the winter and then in the summer it would be pulled in and out for race weekends. I found a guy on YouTube who put a 1990 Ford Ranger "jump seat" in the back of his TC cargo but I'm hoping to figure out a way to mount a bench seat (like a school bus seat) so that my son and a friend can ride in the back. I'll be poking around these forums to see if I can find anything, but I thought I'd start by intro'ing myself and asking if anyone had any ideas or knew of anyone who had done this. Thanks Peter Jericho, Vermont