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  1. DougMac

    Mi exterior and interior lights flicker

    It's been awhile but the culprit for the flashing lights is caused by the floor fan under drivers seat. I guess its wearing out and loading down the vans electrics.I can create and resolve issue by cranking that fan past the 2 speed mark. Problem solved. I'll replace in summer.
  2. DougMac

    Mi exterior and interior lights flicker

    I really appreciate the help. Luckily have warranty for another 2000 miles. Going into Dealer Nov 27th for this and a coupla other items. FYI. I use the TC for Uber 5 days a week.
  3. My lights all flicker when my 2014 Titanium version is running. Not when van is not running. Anyone else have this issue?
  4. Well. My experience is that these computer driven systems are very sensitive to battery quality and grounding. If the battery is weak you'll start to see wierd gremlin stuff happen. Just fyi stuff. Hard to pinpoint alot of this.