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  1. doitdub

    Resetting TPMS

    Excellent, will try that. Thanks guys!👍
  2. doitdub

    Resetting TPMS

    Glad I'm not alone. It seemed like a simple process but it honks twice after first tire and says reset failed on the dash.
  3. Full set of 5x108 16" wheels and tires w TPMS, some life still left in the tires. Just removed - no vibrations and ride well. They're used so a couple wheel scratches as can be seen in the pics, but overall great shape. $295 for the set - Pickup in Canton, GA. Link to the rest of the pics here: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/353410641872947/
  4. doitdub

    Resetting TPMS

    I'm not real sure Will. I just tried this process a couple days ago twice and wouldn't take either time. Guess it wants me to go into the stealership to have it done. No thanks 😑
  5. doitdub

    Resetting TPMS

    Per my 2014 TC owners manual... Just sharing in case anyone interested in swapping wheels out and forgot to reset sensor like I did. 😏
  6. doitdub

    Playful Front License Plate

    Yes I did the same
  7. Thanks Don, I appreciate the reply.
  8. doitdub

    Sync update

    Thanks for sharing, Don. I'll try this later and hoping it solves some of the delay issues I've been having.
  9. Hey everyone, I'm curious if anyone has had this issue... Occasionally my factory radio will have a 10-15 sec delay/lag when trying to change stations/volume from the steering wheel controls and the touch screen, but if I adjust the volume from the knob it will work fine even during the lag from the other controls. Along with this, have also noticed sometimes when I turn off the car and the radio continues to play for sometime even if I get out of the car. Normally it will turn off once I open the car door. If I'm going in for the night or parking, I'll just hit the power on the radio button but the light stays on like it's still got power temporarily. By the time I get back, it's off so I can only assume there's a lag going on there as well. This doesn't happen very often, but enough for me to ask about it. Anyone any ideas here? System update? Head unit on it's way out? Not sure what to check and would rather avoid the dealership especially with an intermittent issue like this... Thanks!
  10. doitdub

    Fusion Wheels

    Don yes that's more than likely the case. The tires that came on these Fusion wheels are 235/55/R17, so going from what came on here from the factory 215/55R16, it's off 5mph. Once these are worn out, I'll go with 215/50R17.
  11. doitdub

    Fusion Wheels

    I used to work for Michelin and the suggest you run the recommended tire pressure per the door placard, not what's stated on the tires.
  12. doitdub

    Fusion Wheels

    No I did not.