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  1. After owning my 2014 long wheel base for the last 6 months, I've had some occasional hard shifting in the auto tranny, especially on these hills in N. Georgia and just wasn't as smooth as it should be and seemed to slip at times. Not knowing the last time the trans fluid was touched, finally decided to do a changeover this weekend to synthetic. I bought 16 qts of Castrol Transmax Multi Vehicle, thankfully Advance Auto had a deal going and also go the pump tube you see in the pic that was a huge time saver rather than trying to pour all that fluid in a funnel. What I did was put the front up on jacks, remove under splash guard (star bolts), run to operating temp about 10 min, shut off engine, drain about 4 qts from the plug at the bottom, undo fill cap located under the radiator hose/air filter box, once done draining replace drain bolt, stick fill tube in there and pump away 4 qts in, replace fill cap, start engine and leave run for 10 min, repeat process 4 times. To make sure you're full, start the engine and let run to operating temp, remove site bolt on side of trans near axle and leave open, start filling the top fill hole you've been using until fluid starts running out of the side hole. Be sure to use rtv high temp silicone on the bottom drain bolt and side site bolt when tightening up. My fluid didn't smell burned but looked more like engine oil than the red trans fluid it should have. Driving much quieter and shifting smoother than before and first adventure was a success.
  2. doitdub

    Transmission fluid change

    Thanks for all the tips guys. Have had some occasional hard shifts on my 2014 and hoping synthetic change over will help! Also FYI anyone looking to do the same, Advanced auto has Castrol Transmax Full Synthetic Multi Vehicle on sale for $5/qt, half off 👌
  3. Yeah I remember having those on an old civic hatchback of mine, the fairing definitely helped. I'm actually surprised at how quiet this is without a fairing, although I do have a small wind deflector in the middle. Still looking for a fairing that will work to make it quieter and look better as the one I got was too big.
  4. I'm sorry I'm not sure on the part numbers but it's the same as the link Kirk posted above, utilizing the small claws (there are 3 different sizes of claws as far as I know) and round bar set-up. I got everything together lightly used patiently watching ebay but you may also try craigslist or facebook marketplace as used sets come up often.
  5. Ended up using the Yakima Railgrab system with small claws and although I haven't had anything up there yet, the grip test was very solid and appears to have plenty of clearance for attachments. Hope it helps someone
  6. Hey Justin, I normally have my bike rack hooked up so I was getting annoyed by the back up sensor yelling at me every time I went in reverse. I haven't found a way to permanently disable it but on my '14 XLT Titanium, there's a button on the center counsel I just remember to hit everytime you first turn on the car which will stay on the duration of your trip, until the next time you turn off the car. Also, for what it's worth we have bench seats in the second row. Regarding the rubberized mat... if you can't find anything online with a specific fit, you may try Tractor Supply as I believe they sell large rubberized barn mats that could be trimmed to fit. We used to have a Honda Element and that was one of our favorite features, the rubberized carpet... now having two young kids and two big dogs, I'd love to replace our carpet with rubber in the Connect :D Love to see what you figure out here. Good luck on your search!
  7. Awesome set-up r1alvin! Currently planning an abbreviated version of this for mountain adventures this spring & summer with my wife, two young girls and two big dogs. Definitely some great inspiration here and the pups look content
  8. Thanks, no drilling or cutting required. The hardware they provide allows quick and painless install using factory holes. You just follow the instructions and fish the bolt and plate through with the threaded wire.
  9. Yeah it was quite the break through when we stumbled upon it as well! 😁
  10. No issue there with the hitch itself. When I put the bike rack on though, sensor screams when in reverse...glad I found that disable button by the shifter for when I've got the bike rack on.
  11. Maybe a half hour from unpacking to tools put away. It does help to have another person available to help hold/line up the bolt holes.
  12. Hey everyone, Just wanted to share I recently ordered a curt trailer hitch from etrailer.com for my 2014 LWB Titanium and am very pleased. Great pricing, shipped fast, packed well, tutorial videos for install, and great instructions included made the installation a breeze. Definitely recommend these guys... https://www.etrailer.com/Trailer-Hitch/Ford/Transit+Connect/2014/C13167.html?vehicleid=201422753 All the best, Justin
  13. Yes thanks I've searched here quite a bit. I'm looking for verification on true usability of a rack WITH the factory rails (which there's conflicting information in that post).