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  1. BBJ

    Shelter In Place

    Everything has changed. For those who survive physically and financially, the cultural changes are going to be massive. No going outside without a mask anymore. No more restaurants. No more churches. Any live gathering is history. NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA, NASCAR, MLS, all gone. Like iRacing? Get used to it because once the powers that be future out e-games are just a popular and vastly less expensive, that's all we're going to get. Welcome to the brave new world.
  2. BBJ

    Citro├źn Berlingo

    That thing is fuggly from here to Sunday. It looks like a little Nissan that OD'd on steroids.
  3. BBJ


    Designed by Bud Tuggley?
  4. BBJ


    I have flames on my car. I HAVE FLAMES ON MY CAR!
  5. BBJ

    Rallycross a Transit Connect? Yup

    That's just too cool.
  6. BBJ


    Clemency if I don't have ground effects?
  7. I just put in a Clarion VX-405 and the glare is awful. I'm looking for something to put on the screen to reduce the glare during the day.
  8. BBJ

    Euro Upper Rear Lights?

    Every place I find these online has an $80 core charge. For a reflector? Wow.
  9. BBJ

    Fusion Wheels

    Finally got some wheels for the TC. 17x7.5 Ford Fusion with Bridgestone Potenza 215/50 tires. Too soon to tell if there is any handling difference but it sure looks better.
  10. BBJ


    So far, so good. I've got just under 5k miles on it now. Did one 1700 mile round trip from Baltimore to Birmingham for a race with one bike and all my gear in the van with no issues. Lack of aftermarket support in the U.S. is a bit disappointing. Only thing I miss is a backup camera since i have no windows but that'll be taken care of when i get around to replacing the head unit. Picked up a camera to add to the Clarion VX405, Rockford amp and Kenwood sub. Now i just need some warmer weather to do the installation.. I like the stripes a lot but I agree that something is missing. I'll do wheels in the Spring and go from there.
  11. BBJ

    Backup Camera Recommendations

    The blind spot mirrors just need to be separately adjustable. I sometimes wonder about engineers and accountants. And what's with no fold down left armrest on the driver seat? I guess if that's all I have to bitch about, must be a pretty good van.
  12. BBJ

    My audio project

    I've already looked and my pillars are empty, no wiring. Plenty of room for the tweeters there though. Running the wires should be pretty easy as long as the crossovers will fit where i'm planning on putting them. I'll post pictures when i do it.
  13. BBJ

    My audio project

    I'm about to do the same thing with component speakers in the door and pillar. I have the base factory radio with no screen and it looks like there will be room to put the crossovers in the dash behind the fascia where the cd unit is on the upgraded factory systems. Where did you mount your crossovers?
  14. Looks like you got the last one. They show as out of stock now.