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  1. After looking at a used 2015 TC cargo today that was kind of beat up, I am wondering if a 2013 model might be a good buy. I'm seeing a 2015 and 2017 for sale at about $16,500 with about 80,000 miles. The 2013 with similar mileage is only $10,000. The 2015 I looked at today had side panels (where the windows would be) that were loose and rattled when I test drove it. I noticed they were fiberglass or some similar material and weren't attached very well from the factory. After seeing that, I am wondering if the first gen. might be more well constructed. I read on another thread that they are prone to transmission issues, but perhaps that would show in a test drive? Thanks a bunch for your input.
  2. Hello all, I am close to purchasing a used Transit Connect cargo. I'm looking at a 2017 with 60,000 miles for $19,000 or a 2018 with 24,500 miles for $21,000. Both are the same; white, XL, LWB and both have different rack systems in the back (which I don't really want and will likely remove.) Do you think that these are good prices? Which would you say is the better deal? Any other relevant information about these year models? The 2018 is a bit above my budget but it is tempting with such low mileage and being one year younger. Thank you for your input!