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  1. I did the british amazon thule feet and ebay china aero bar knock off also. thanks OP! yes, the bars are too short to put the crossbar end caps on - so I left them off. rack did great on a road tour to alaska and back. if I get around to it, I might shoot some foam into the crossbar ends to seal them, so bugs don't move in.
  2. Do you still have them?
  3. Mike, Thanks for the quick reply/info. I have used fuse extenders and a similar wire path (to an interior fuse block) to do a dash cam on a Ford fiesta. Seeing the a-pillar cover off is a great confidence booster.
  4. has anyone added a dash cam to their TC? In my 2016 TC titanium there is a large sensor pod/center windshield panel associated with the rearview mirror. I expect there is power here that I could tap into for a dash cam. does anyone have a wiring diagram for this assembly/know the safe way to pop off the cover?