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  1. ertzog

    trunk area trim is flimsy

    lost the screw that holds the jack in its little cubby, so I had the jack floating around loose in the back for a couple days. now I noticed that during a turn induced slide across the "trunk" space the jack end punched a hole through the plastic sidewall. Ouch.
  2. ertzog

    Fan becomes LOUD at 3 and 4

    I had the loud thrumming sound and was getting close to ripping the whole dash apart... when It magically stopped thrumming at high fan speeds. Now it is just normal air noise, no problem. Don't know what stopped the thrumming but it was unbearable. now I just need to track down the rough road rattle coming from the far rear.
  3. I hate that belly pan. Especially the time I dropped the engine oil fill cap onto it, seconds after screwing it back into place. if it got ripped out from under the car going over a deer or the like I wouldn't replace it, but until he gets trashed I'll keep it in place to save the belts from road spray.
  4. I did the british amazon thule feet and ebay china aero bar knock off also. thanks OP! yes, the bars are too short to put the crossbar end caps on - so I left them off. rack did great on a road tour to alaska and back. if I get around to it, I might shoot some foam into the crossbar ends to seal them, so bugs don't move in.
  5. Do you still have them?
  6. Mike, Thanks for the quick reply/info. I have used fuse extenders and a similar wire path (to an interior fuse block) to do a dash cam on a Ford fiesta. Seeing the a-pillar cover off is a great confidence booster.
  7. has anyone added a dash cam to their TC? In my 2016 TC titanium there is a large sensor pod/center windshield panel associated with the rearview mirror. I expect there is power here that I could tap into for a dash cam. does anyone have a wiring diagram for this assembly/know the safe way to pop off the cover?