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  1. glennwelch

    Retirement Road Trip Connect

    Thanks JRM, it worked out pretty well, even after being used. Some older posts (2010) on other forums said this, so seems likely that is what mine is doing. " i have a problem with the odometer of a Ford Transit van 2008, the goes up to 2000 KM then resets itself to zero
  2. Very nice woodwork and a great rear awning. Thanks.
  3. glennwelch

    Retirement Road Trip Connect

    Vonn, just now see I your Aug post. I mounted my panel to a roof rack and ran the wires in through the lexan window I built. I did add a blue tooth auto load shut off. I have not had it kick in yet. I have two deep cycle batteries. I plug in at night at campgrounds. Hoteling it, the batteries run the small frig overnight. I also have a DC to DC "trickle charger" for cloudy days. I will get a bigger amp one for my next trip. The sun never shines in MI. Any questions feel free. No expert, I did it once 2.5 years ago.
  4. glennwelch

    Retirement Road Trip Connect

    Finally I retired and took my 2013 with 24,000 miles on it, on a road trip. MD, up through MI, West across its UP, WI and down MN to the Mississippi Headwaters, then followed its marked Great River Rd. I turned east at Memphis, through AL (Muscle Shoals, fantastic), across Rabun Cty, GA to Asheville and Greensboro. One more VA stop on my way home. Over 4,000 miles, not much interstate. My question. I think my trip odometer resets to 0 at 2000 miles. Might this be a "feature" or a bug ? Thanks.
  5. glennwelch

    Fuel filler security

    Had my "old" 2013 smog tested this month, they had me unlock it's gas tank door to say they saw the cap. What was news to me, since I had it garaged for the winter, battery disconnected, even though I drove it 200+ miles over two days before testing it had not yet stored enough data so I was locked out of their system for 9 days and had to bring it back again.
  6. glennwelch

    Tie Down ?

    "Funny" when I popped off my 2013 front bumper plug (driver side) only metal under it, but the other, same plug there is the thread. So I had a 50-50 chance and lost. In the end I decided it is not good to tie to for a canoe. I have it secure, but for the front point went through the window around the top of the door-ceiling handles
  7. glennwelch

    Tie Down ?

    Now I see this, I will look again.
  8. glennwelch

    Tie Down ?

    This threaded eye bolt came in a nice bag with my 2013 FTC. Where does it go / what is its purpose ? Getting a canoe Sat, hoping it's a tie down. Thank you !
  9. glennwelch

    Vincent VanGoing 1.0

    I was just looking at Bart's and his bike rack got me thinking trailer hitch, I have no room inside. Quickly found one on line, pics look good, just drop the spare tire (as opposed to the exhaust too), so just ordered it. Now I need a bike and a rack (and to install the hitch), how fun is that ! I also got an ARB awning, very nice. I attached it to my roof rack with some heavy duty angle brackets. Works great. Thanks for the heated seat link...just maybe...but I plan to head south.
  10. glennwelch

    Adventure van camper conversion

    I like the kuat rack, I might look into one for one bike...but no hitch yet. Could use a hitch for other stuff, this table is even in a bag that says Ford, but sold out.
  11. glennwelch

    Retirement Road Trip Connect

    What I did for paper towels. I could not fit Jack's idea and my 2013's shelf has round holes, not slots like mrtn's 2015. My shelf's round holes should be good for tissues etc. I went with two paper towel holders, one on the ceiling at the rear door, mounted to wood, fasted to existing holes. The other at the passenger side slider, also an existing plastic floor trim hole attaches a 90 degree bracket to which I screwed a dowel. While at it, I put in a fire extinguisher, there will be cooking and just in case my wiring has any issues .
  12. Very nice build and great road trip plans. Love the paneling, excellent. My road trip is still 18+ months away, but it is a lot of fun working on the van. I did just do my paper towel holder(s), will post.
  13. glennwelch

    Adventure van camper conversion

    Sure looks comfortable, looking forward to more pics.
  14. glennwelch

    Retirement Road Trip Connect

    That is a great dispenser. All my stuff might not allow the door to close, but I will investigate further. Thanks !