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  1. The black metal hoop that they attached to bolts onto the metal volume below the one for the door slider (might be covered by a plastic cover). Here's a somewhat blurry photo of what the whole setup should look like. I'll ask the friend that I gave the seat to about the floor mounts, and replay back.
  2. I have a 2010 TC Passenger that I took one of the rear seats out of. I gave it to a friend to try to fit in her 2013 TC cargo. All the mounts are there for the seats and seat belts, but there is no footwell. The rear passenger has to sit with their knees up by their chest... not ideal, but it works.
  3. I'm wondering the longevity of my standard speakers back there with moisture. I noticed a bit of road silt on the inside of the panels when I took them out. Thanks! That's a pretty big granite wall up in the Coast Mountains. There are a ton of them back there!
  4. Thanks! The only tricky thing was feeding the speaker wire through the weather-sealed rubber hoses between the van and the doors. Just takes some patience and a stiff guide-wire to fish through. Also, you've got to watch how deep the speakers are in the door. There are a few metal braces that you have to avoid.
  5. I've got a 2010 with a Rocketbox on top. Just had to drill the holes for the mounts a little back so it doesn't overhang the windshield. The extra storage is amazing, but it's way up there! I have to open the side door and step up on the doorsill to reach inside of it.
  6. Hello, thought I'd share some photos of my custom camperization for anyone interested/inspired to do the same. It took me a few months to complete, and definitely learnt a lot along the way. Despite being boxy, there are no straight lines to work off of! Pretty much every piece of wood had to be custom measured and cut (often multiple times). Since finishing it, I've been on lots of road trips on the West Coast of Canada and US. The TC handles it all! Feel free to ask any questions about the build or one's about your project.
  7. Hi all, new to the forum. I've got a 2010 Transit Connect that I did a custom camperization on. I'm having a bit of a new problem with the driver's door lock that I can't figure out. Here are the symptoms: Can't lock by pressing the tab inside the driver's door (tab won't budge) Can't lock by key fob (all other doors lock) Won't auto-lock when put into drive (all other doors lock) Can lock by turning the key in the lock, but with great resistance (afraid I'll snap the key) Can lock by holding the tab down at the same time at the key fob locks the doors I've tried lubing the lock with no avail. Any suggestions? Also, here's a photo of the camperization for those interested.