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  1. DrummerDan

    Picked mine up!

    Picked up my '17 LWB XLT Cargo Oct 6. So far, LOVE IT! Traded a 2011 E150 'cause it was getting too hard for me to drive. This is GREAT! It holds my drums, PA and my bass player and his gear as well! After looking (hard) at the Nissan NV200/Chevy City Express, Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler Pacifica and the Mercedes Metris, I gotta say, so far, this was the intelligent choice! I'd joined the forum prior to making my decision because I wanted to see what other owners were doing and saying about their TC's. This forum has been informative and entertaining as well.
  2. DrummerDan

    Power Sliding Door?

    Thanks Beta Don and Fifty150. There are several mobility shops in my general area that do good work. However, none of them will touch a Transit Connect built after 2014. I did ask them, and a couple of custom body shops, about converting to a power door, Most of them said they wouldn't even know where to start. Ended up buying something for the wife and her power chair and I'll use the TC for myself
  3. DrummerDan


    Do you have these items for the 2017 LWB van?
  4. I realize this reply is waaaayyyyy late but.... I've been investigating the TC for wheelchair use as well. Harmar (harmar.com) based in Fla. makes wheelchair lifts that will work for the Connect. A lot depends on the chair and if you wan inside or outside, platform lift or a hoist. For a 2014 TC, the Harmar AL690 will mount in a side door and allows the user to drive their chair onto a platform, hop off and have the chair sucked into the van. Without power doors, it's kind of a drag because you have to stand there until the lift finishes to close the door. Not so good if you have problems standing for several minutes or limited standing ability. Sorry for th delay, but just joined a month or so ago.
  5. In order to make my (soon-to-be) TC more mobility friendly, I want to have the driver's side sliding door converted to a power sliding door. Since this isn't an option on any level of the Transit Connect, can anyone point me to where I might have this conversion done? Preferably in the Great Lakes region? Thanks! Drummerdan