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  1. These door pockets are nice. But they don't look like they hold an awful lot. I like to carry around a few rolls of paper towels and cleaners. Being a cheap SOB I just removed the door panels and cut them down a little above the halfway mark. Now I can fit all sorts of stuff in there !!
  2. fordbuff

    Audio options ?

    Tugrik, Thanks for the write-up. I thought I was happy with the stock radio. But, after spending the last 3100 miles with it I got tired of the crappy sound. I stopped by my local electronics store and spent a while listening to what they had to offer in a 5 1/4" speaker. I picked a set of Alpine SPS 500's. It took me all of 30 min. to swap them out and I can't believe how much better they sound!! . I didn't get the Nokia blue tooth, so I picked up a Motorola T505. It has a speaker built in and also an FM transmitter so I can link it to my phone and my play mp3's from it. Works great and it's portable, so I can take it from van to car. Now all I have left to do is get a car kit for my Sirius radio and then I will be all set.
  3. fordbuff

    Does The TC Have An Interior Light Shut Off?

    The int/ lighs will shut off automaticly after a short while. I always leave the side door open when leaving the van parked in my warehouse. When I return later they are always off. You can also play the radio for one hour at a time with the key off and removed. A nice feature when cleaning the int. Not having to listen to the door open chime.
  4. fordbuff

    Cargo Tie Down Points

    TC tie downs Here are a few pics.
  5. fordbuff

    Passenger Seat(s)

    HenyrG, My van is Reg. in NY w/ pass plates. You do not need seats. Go to www.nysdmv.com and check the Vehicle Modifications and Registration class page. Part 106.3 (d) states you can register a van in the passenger class if the van has : at least one side window behind the driver, and at least one seat OR set of seat fittings that is installed behind the driver I had the dealer install a set of faux brackets beahind the drivers seat. They are held down w/ velcro and I can just pull them up if I need to. DMV does not inspect the vehicles. But if a trooper pulls me over, I will just show him the brackets and my printout of the DMV code. I haven't even had a trooper give it a second look yet, and I drive on the parkways all the time. Just don't put any lettering or advertisements anywhere to attact any attention.
  6. I have a few suggestions for some extra cargo tie down points for those who will be hauling with their TC. My van was purchased with the cargo kit from the dealer. This consisted of a section of E-track along the sides,cage behind the seats, and D-rings mounted to the floor in the rear. For my application, I needed more mounting points along the floor and sides to hold small machines from moving around. After looking around the inside of the van, I found some spots supplied by the factory. Just in front of the wheel wells under the rubber mat you will find torx head bolts monted in recessed holes.. These, I assume are for rear seat belts. I removed the bolts and then purchased longer 10mm X 1.5 ones and made extension sleeves to raise them to floor height. I then mounted D-rings I found at a local trailer supply store. I then used the bolts I took from those holes and mounted two more D-rings along the side pillars just behind the sliding doors. There are prethreaded 10mmX1.5 holes already there. You can pick from a few depending on the height you need them. Looking inside from the rear doors, you will see a small bracket mounted on the drivers side just at the edge of the headliner. This can be used as a tie down hook. I trimmed the headliner at the same spot on the pass. side and found a threaded 10mmX1.5 hole there also. I installed a D-ring at that location. For forward facing D-rings, I installed them in the sides of the floor extension just behind the seats. For these I had to drill holes. I hope this information will be a help to those who need it.
  7. fordbuff

    Nokia bluetooth question

    Thanks, I didn't think so.
  8. I was just wanted to see if anyone knows if the bluetooth option can be added to an XLT radio. If so, what we be involved to install it?
  9. fordbuff

    Like Best -- Like Least

    Hi All, I would like to add my thoughts on the new Tansit Connect I picked up last week. I turned in our company's faithful '96 E-250 service van as a "clunker" and got $4500 towards the purchase of a XLT with parkway windows and a cargo system. The Transit is a great replacement for the E van because we never realy needed all the space that it had. It came in handy at times but at the expence of comfort and parking issues in NYC. This vehicle rides and handles like a car. Although in the rear it is a little bumpy over rough roads. I would think with some weight in the back it would be better. I took it on a service call last week. A 400 mile round trip. On the highway I was able to keep highway speeds with no problem. Having only a 6cyl in the old van, the transition to a 4cyl was no big deal. I felt the Transit was powered just fine for our needs. ( We'll see how it is in a few weeks when I have to transport a 700 lb. machine.) Gearing seemed to be on the low side, running around 3000 rpm's at 70 mph. I still got just shy of 26 mpg on the trip there and 24 mpg on the return trip with heavy traffic running the A/C the whole time. Again, I was only hauling myself and a 60lb tool box. I can probably be able to squeeze more mileage after it is broken in. On the comfort; It is small car like. I am 6' tall 225 lbs. The seat is a little too narrow for me, but is very supportive. I was fiddling with the ajustments for a while and was able to find a sweet spot. The tilt and telescoping steering is a nice feature, but in the best position for me, the steering wheel blocks my view of the dashboard. Cruise control worked well. Radio and CD player are of good quality for a work truck. I will be swapping my sirius radio back and forth from my personal car in future using the input jack. The only issue I found is that there are no rain gutters. If you open the window when it is raining, you are going to get soaked. I had the truck parked out in the rain, when I returned and started moving I opened the drivers window a few inches. When I pulled out of the parking space and turned right, the water poured right into the open window. This was never a problem with the E-van. Something I will have to get used to. Most new vehicles don't have them anymore. But these things can collect a lot of water in the roof channels. Unlike a car with a smooth roof. Overall, I like this van a lot. I think it will work out well for our needs and save a boatload of money in fuel and toll costs over the larger van.
  10. fordbuff


    Hi, I am new to this forum. Just took delivery of a New Transit Connect XLT today here in New York. First one to be delivered by the dealer here on Long Island. I have to say this vehicle is the perfect replacement for the '96 E-250 that I turned in as a "Clunker". I was so tired of using a full size van for my service calls. Never needed all that space and climbing in and out. When I mentioned to the owner of my company that I could get $4500 on trade-in he finally gave me the go ahead to look for a new service vehicle. I searched for a few days to find one set up the way I wanted and came across a white XLT with parkway windows and cargo system. So far I am loving it. Rides like a car, has enough room to fit my tools and parts. I will be taking it on a service call to Delaware on Thursday so I will find out just how comfortable it is on a 400 mile round trip. I'll post a report after.