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  1. Thread size is 12-1.5 mm. You should be able to find them at any auto parts store as it is common to many cars.
  2. Hal

    changing front seats

    I have been wanting to change the driver's seat in my 2010 TC. I have some spare MKI Focus seats sitting around and thought I could use them. The mounting point dimensions are close enough to work but there are other problems making it impossible to use them easily. The TC driver's seat has 3 connections to the SRS (restraint system), seatbelt receiver, side air bag, and a seat position sensor for the smart airbag. The seatbelt receiver could probably be switched over to another seat. The side airbag can be replaced with a simulator (some resistors). But the seat position sensor would be difficult to transfer in that it is used to measure how far the seat is from the steering wheel airbag to vary its force. All three of these sensors must be working or simulated for the rest of the SRS system (steering wheel and passenger airbag) to work. The only solution I can think of is to use a bottom mount aftermarket seat on the TC base. You would have to use a simulator to replace the side airbag but the seatbelt receiver and seat position sensor would still be original.
  3. Went and drove both a LWB and a SWB 2014 wagon this morning. Really like either of the engines (LWB=2.5L SWB=Ecoboost) and the transmission. Loved the seats, mine are getting worn. But the lack of carry space make them a no go for me. I want a LWB, high roof, 5 passenger one. Hopefully Ford will make one for 2016.
  4. Anybody hear anything about changes in the Transit Connect for 2016? I was all set to trade my 2010 XLT wagon in on a new 2014/2015. I wanted to get the long wheelbase in a 5 passenger version with the flip/fold seats like in my 2010. After checking with several dealers it seems like the only way you can get a long wheelbase wagon is as a 7 passenger which won't do me any good at all. I could live with the new lower roof but would like to see the high roof come back.
  5. Hal

    After market products so far:

    I hope they work better for you than mine did. I have had those in other vehicles in the past so I ordered some for my TC. They did not fit well at all. They were sort of warped and would not stay in place. The ones I have before used the factory clips to hold them in place, these just have a raised bubble over the factory clips and do not lock in place. I ended up sending mine back and getting a refund.
  6. Hal

    TPMS Sensors

    Obviously all they did was just move the wheels from one location to another. And NO you would not get a light in that situation. Each of the sensors has a unique ID code built in. When you reset them using either the manual method or the reset tool you reset the sensors in a specific order. That tells the computer which sensor is located at which wheel. If you don't reset them the computer has no way of knowing that the wheel/tire that was on the right rear is now on the left front. As long as the pressure is correct for where the computer "thinks" the wheel is there will be no error code.
  7. I was planning on trading in my 2010 XLT wagon and getting one of the 2014 LWB models. But after doing some research, talking to the salesman at the dealership, and test driving one I have changed my mind. I really like the new engine(2.5L) and transmission compared to mine but, Ford missed the boat on many of the things I like about my 2010. No high roof anymore which makes it difficult if not impossible to get some of the stuff I have hauled in the 2010 into it. Second row seats do not "fold and tumble" . They just fold the back down which leaves them sticking up 6" above the floor so you lose a lot of flat floor load space. The "fold and tumble" seat are available in the SWB model but then you end up with less load floor length than I have now. I use mine as my daily driver and end up hauling furniture, etc. as much as I haul extra passengers so the cargo space is just as important as the seating to me.
  8. Hal

    2014 TC seating ?

    Thanks for the link. I hadn't seen that one yet. Unfortunately on page 7 and under the XLT wagon specs it looks like the "fold and tumble" seats are only available on the SWB version. Still waiting for one of the dealers around here to get one in that I can look at. I am willing to trade off the high roof for a longer van but if I can't get usable cargo floor.
  9. I have a 2010 Transit Connect XLT wagon and am thinking about trading it on a 2014 model. But I can't find any pictures or good description of what the 2nd row seats in a LWB 5 seater look like. The local dealer has a 7 seater that I have driven and examined and I don't like it. The 2nd and 3rd row seats in the 7 seater just fold down which cuts the rear cargo height by 6" and leaves a very uneven floor for sliding stuff in. When I build a new TC on Ford's website it says that the 5 seat LWB XLT has a 60/40 split 2nd row bench seat with a "Fold and Tumble" feature. That sounds just like the 2nd row in my 2010. But I haven't been able to find any pictures of those seats in any brochures or on the web. Does anyone have any pics or links to pics of these seats?
  10. Hal

    2014 Ford Transit Connect Build

    I am thinking about getting a new one to replace my 2010. I like the new engine choices and new transmission but am not sure now since it seems like there is no Hi-roof version.
  11. I replace my AM/FM/CD unit in my 2010 TC with an Alpine 900BT. It has Bluetooth for the phone (no voice commands), Navigation, CD/DVD drive and a USB port. I also added a backup camera which uses the same screen. I also upgraded my existing speakers and added some in the rear doors.
  12. Hal

    TPMS Observations

    UPDATE: Don't know what was going on last December but after a year it is still working the same. If I drive more than ~30 miles non stop the light will come on. If I then put it in the garage with the old wheels and tires it will reset overnight. If I don't drive over 30 miles non-stop just my normal around town errand running, it never comes on at all. I thought that since it has been over a year without the old wheels with the TPMS just sitting on a shelf in the garage that the light should not reset (batteries would be run down). But that does not seem to be the case.
  13. I've had my rug in for a year and a half now and it looks as good as new. I haven't had a lot of stuff in it to wear the rug much. But I have had BedRugs in several pickup trucks that got all kinds of abuse including loads of loose mulch and they held up very well.
  14. Hal

    TPMS Observations

    UPDATE: The TPMS light stayed on all thru the month of December even when the TC was parked in the garage where the old wheels with sensors are. However, on New Years Eve I noticed that the light was out. The TC hadn't been in the garage for a week. Now a week has passed and the light has not come on. I have not pulled any fuses or done anything that would cause the light to go out. I don't think that the light would have burned out since my service manual seems to indicate it is an LED. Is it possible that since the computer has not gotten any signal for a month that it just shut down?
  15. Hal

    TPMS Observations

    UPDATE: I put the TC in the garage last night and the TPMS did not reset which it did last week So it looks like the TPMS sensors will continue transmitting for ~2 1/2 months with out being rotated. But they do eventually run down so the air tank idea will not work.