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  1. satkins93

    Door Locks

    Can I open a door with no power? Should I run a battery charging 12v two wire plug to the outside and attach a portable jump battery to open the doors?
  2. 2018 cargo light. FIrst. The cargo light with led is bright. I will put inline a LED 12Vwired LED controller with a remote control. Second, The circuit may go under the dash. What I found is a connector Above the Right side passenger head. If you remove the Right side Black Foam part, behind it is the connector. The wire follows in the door track to the Righ side dome light in the 18 XLT. If you are under the front headliner soundproofing you would need to disconnect that right side overhead plug. # I plan to break into that circuit and place a ON/OFF switch into the overhead plastic bin wall facing out. I may place a 12V USB port in the same area overhead.
  3. 2018 xlt. Took PDF and request dark mode. I just insisted they plug it in and look and the lighting. They did and the outside lights are fixed. Not the interior lights.
  4. Vancouver Ford in Washington State was able to turn off in software. Dewayne - at the counter hummed and howled while reviewing my request. I came in with the PDF and a request for dark mode. They got the running lights off with door use. Dark mode for the interior he could not be adjusted to a Police dark mod dimmable interior light. It took more time arguing than the fix took. Zero Charge or $90 flat fee charge to start if out of Warrantee. 2018 Connect XLT. 850 miles. Turn signals and trailer lights need an isolation circuit for LED flashers only.