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  1. The partition modification will KILL you or a passenger in an accident the way it has been modified, especially in any side or rear impact unless your wearing a helmet of course. Otherwise a nice build.
  2. This partition will KILL you or a passenger in an accident the way it has been modified, especially in any side or rear impact.
  3. Here you go for newer models. http://fordtransitconnectforum.com/topic/6077-how-to-connect-power-for-amps-inverters-and-other-high-current-loads/
  4. Here is a clean way to do it or use the large grommet behind the glove box but be careful removing hinge pins in the box or you'll break the hinges.
  5. Don, I wish I would of saw that thread earlier as it's a much cleaner way.
  6. Check out Mike Chell's thread on his van and his video about installing the back up camera. It shows him removing the glove box which gives access to the fuse box and also the large grommet through the fire wall that houses the main wiring harness and that will be your best bet through he firewall. Just make sure to remove the pins to the glovebox before trying to get behind the box or you'll break the plastic hinge attachment points. It seems like you can open the box further without removing the pins but you'll break them if you try. Don't ask me how I know
  7. Wish I saw your video before I tried to remove my glove box and cracked 1 side trying to get it out before figuring out the right way
  8. Don't try and pull it off on the side doors as it will rip some where. Just slice around the inner edge of the glue, sound proof and insulate reglue and call it a job well done and enjoy the sound of the door closing with a high end vehicle solidness closing. It just feels good to close that door and it doesn't sound like a tin can
  9. JoeMan

    Disable Perimeter Lighting

    I think this thread below will help. Good Luck getting a tech to do it though.
  10. Yep, Same here except I don't bother with the time reset and I don't have the factory backup camera. I just have the camera I installed and it displays on the new nav unit. The old screen just displays temp and I cover the other stuff with black tape. Was thinking about a nice pic though.
  11. JoeMan

    Removing wheel-well covers?

    There held in by plastic clips all around the edges. Your best bet is to get a cheap set of plastic interior panel tools. They come in handy if you plan on doing any interior mods. It makes trim pieces a lot simpler to remove with minimal damage to things, usually.
  12. JoeMan

    New 2018 FTC XLT Cargo Van LWB

    That thing is loaded. Special order?
  13. I'm sorry your still getting the run around it is such a simple fix with the right knowledge being handed to them. Why do they dealers risk making you go to someplace else or to another brand? I'm just glad I got mine done as I smile every time I open the doors and the lights don't come. To me it would be worth it any ways to spend the money to correct the problem because what I mainly want the van for is camping and astronomy pursuits and I hate any unnecessary lighting anywhere period. With what I already spent on a roof rack and adding a battery and some other items that would be a small price in the grand scheme of the build . Speaking of builds maybe I better start a build thread when I get a chance.
  14. Even with your advice I broke the hinges. I struggled to get the pins out with the limited space under the dash but couldn't get the screwdriver in to pop them. Then I tried opening the glove and going over the top and next thing I know I hear a crack. Whoops. Pins came out after that. Looks like the weight of the glovebox rests on the top where it's not broke and won't be to much of an issue just sucks it just seems like an easy thing till you try. Bad design.