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  1. TC_Andy

    New 2018 FTC XLT Cargo Van LWB

    I did get the car alarm add on, so that makes sense. Can anyone clue me in about how to open up this area of the overhead? Do you have to take off the whole shelf or is there some way of opening it from below?
  2. TC_Andy

    New 2018 FTC XLT Cargo Van LWB

    The cornering lights make a big difference. I live in a rural area, so it is dark at night and they really help. I also find the fog lights very helpful. The low beams seem a bit anemic and when I turn on the fog lights they illuminate the roadway to either side quite well without seeming to bother oncoming drivers.
  3. TC_Andy

    New 2018 FTC XLT Cargo Van LWB

    The more I look into this I am realizing that it is just an additional wiring harness that can be utilized for any custom purpose. I can't find diagrams yet specific to the 2018, but earlier versions point to locations under the drivers seat and within the dash where the harness can be accessed and connected to the power circuits of the van. I don't think there are any actual switches anymore.
  4. TC_Andy

    New 2018 FTC XLT Cargo Van LWB

    Perhaps it is the overhead insert just aft of the rearview mirror. Not sure how to open it yet and it is concealed up above. I thought the two opening might be microphones
  5. TC_Andy

    New 2018 FTC XLT Cargo Van LWB

    Unfortunately I'm a bit mystified too. I haven't found anything obvious yet and my dealer didn't know either. Here are some pictures of the dash area.
  6. TC_Andy

    New 2018 FTC XLT Cargo Van LWB

    I plan to keep it for a while, so I ordered it the way I wanted.
  7. TC_Andy

    New 2018 FTC XLT Cargo Van LWB

    Hi All - I just took delivery of a 2018 XLT L+Cargo Van LWB. I am in the early stages of planning a removable camping build and was happy to find and join this great forum. I took about 80 photos of the van yesterday (Interior and Exterior) but since I am new to the forum, I'm not sure if people would find posting all or some of them to be helpful. Please let me know. In the meantime, here's a basic portrait and a scan of the window sticker for anyone interested. Looking forward to further conversations