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  1. JustinVP

    How to remove forward lower console/dash (2016)?

    Thanks GBL. Pulled on the trim a bit, but I'm in the same boat as Don, some of the trim feels stubborn and not worth breaking it. I can peel back the carpet with this console still in place and do 95% of the sound deadening I plan on doing - that's good enough. This afternoon I'll fish the speaker wires, that part should be fairly easy.
  2. Tearing into my wagon this weekend to install a mini-subwoofer and a bunch of sound deadening and insulation. It's been pretty intuitive, the tricky stuff I've been able to search here for info. The last piece (I hope) that I need to figure out is the forward lower console, and then I'll be able to remove the carpet. Anyone know how to get this piece out? I pulled the two "Christmas tree" tabs, but I'm hesitant to go and just start yanking. There's a little torx on the left side I see, but I'm stumped. Couldn't find any help via the googlemonster.
  3. JustinVP

    Rear speaker harness location

    Thanks Don, the link to those terminals is great! Ignition-only for the sub sounds fine for my use, and I'm hoping not to tear into the dash for now. I might try and mount the sub over the AJB instead of jack, there just might be room for the tiny Kenwood KSC-SW11. mrtn, I'll definitely be putting sound deadener in. This is a 2-part project while I have the interior apart. Deadener/sound insulation and the little sub. Trying to get the road noise and audio performance "good enough".
  4. JustinVP

    Rear speaker harness location

    Good thread, thanks for the info. I have a 2016 ti Wagon, and want to tap into the rear speaker wires (710/810 plugs) for speaker-level inputs into a tiny after market subwoofer that I plan to mount in the jack access hatch. If anyone has done this to add a sub, I'd love to hear your advice on what to do.
  5. This thread rocks. Thanks everyone for playing Sherlock on the annoying exterior lights issue!
  6. JustinVP

    Sound deadening for road noise?

    @GBL, those should come with every vehicle registration in WA!
  7. Just got myself a 2016 Titanium Wagon. I want to do some sound deadening to quiet down our horrid road noise here in Washington State, probably the noisiest freeways in the country. I figure if I quiet it down a wee bit I'll be happy keeping the vehicle for a long time. Anyone do this and have tips on where to start? I figure Dynamat type deadener in key spots, maybe some insulation in the voids. I'm not going to go overkill, so want to focus on the biggest improvements for the least amount of material. My Q is whether it's better to start in the floor or in the walls. Seems like the rear of the van is noisier than the front. At some point I'll also pull the front carpet to put in a mini-subwoofer in the little storage compartment under the passenger seat. Sound dampening, a small sub, and a garment rack for work will be the beginning and end of my mods. Cheers, Justin
  8. Good stuff, thanks for the info. Glad the parking beeper can turn off, but a bit of a bummer that the captains chairs are harder to find on the XLT. I'm hoping to find a cheap one with 50k+ miles that's maybe had the interior abused a bit so when I drop a mud bomb on it or rally it on braking bump covered logging roads I don't kill all the value of a perfect van. My vehicles tend to get, shall we say "well used", but I'm religious about maintenance of the important bits.
  9. Hi all, I'll be purchasing a LWB wagon, 2014 or newer, when the right used one comes up. It'll be a combo personal + business vehicle for my mountain bike apparel company. I only care about two features, 2nd row captains chairs and it needs to have the liftgate. I'll have a tall hitch-mount bike rack on it 90% of the time from these guys (best racks in the biz). http://recon-racks.com/new-products/r5-5bike-shuttle-rack. Do I need to avoid the backup sensor option due to bikes on back? Will it constantly be going off with bikes on back and annoy me? The other thing I'll need to figure out eventually is how to cover all of the carpet with rubber or vinyl, even under the rear seats. I'll have the 3rd row seats out except for rare exceptions when we need to haul 5 or 6 people to a ride day. WeatherTech has one that goes on top of the folded seats, but that's not what I'm looking for. I'll probably just get a big sheet of rubber and cut it to fit. Vinyl factory flooring would be ideal, but probably not easy to find that to go with captains chairs.