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  1. Here's my set up. Everything seems to be working well. I've partially discharged the battery a few times by running the fan overnight, and it seems to fully charge again pretty quickly.
  2. I've made good progress over the past week. The battery set up is functioning as I'd hoped. I worked with a friend to install my Maxxair fan. Cutting that 14 x 14 hole was stressful, but the end result was pretty satisfying. Now, to finish packing my essentials, and storing the rest...I'm eager to hit the road! Some have suggested that the fan is a dead giveaway that you're camping. I still think it's reasonably "stealthy." My rig doesn't have fancy built-ins...yet, but I'm beginning to believe it will be livable. After my first journey, I'll commit to some carpentry, or, more likely, employ a friend with far greater skills in that area than I possess.
  3. Thanks for the great suggestions! I was able to thread my wire through the grommet on the driver's side, and secure my AGM battery behind the driver's seat. I attached brackets to plywood, and secured the battery box with a strap. It may not be my final configuration, but should work in the short term. With my Maxxair fan going in in the next few days, it's looking pretty good for being on the road by the weekend. I'll post a few pictures soon.
  4. I'm looking to take a road trip in my 2017 TC just as soon as I finish a few modifications. My thought is that I'll tackle some of the custom woodworking after my first significant trip. What I'd love to get some advice on is the best way to access the firewall grommet for threading a wire from my engine battery to my house battery. My CTEK d250sa DC to DC charger will be arriving this week. My house battery is a 92ah AGM deep cycle. I chose the CTEK because it seems able to fully charge my battery, as well as offering the option of easily adding a solar panel when stationary for a few days - or longer. I'm installing a Maxxair deluxe fan. I'm starting with a simple cooler without electric, but may add something without too much draw. Youtube DIY videos have been helpful, but I'd appreciate any advice you may have for how to best prepare for this first significant trip.